Lets all laugh at Everton

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I suggest letting all the facts become clear before anyone has their life and career ruined based on speculation.

I appreciate there is no smoke without fire, however, a good friend of mine had his entire life destroyed over false accusations of a similar nature, and he was even proved to be innocent in court. The damage, however, was already done.
I was laughing at Everton all day long :D

For multiple reasons. Two main reasons were -
- another summer of buying players in bulk, having significant net spenditure while overpaying players
- getting in fatter version of Mourinho; I follow Bayern and their players were very frustrated by the slacking going on in Ancefloppys training sessions

So essentially they combined overpaid manager with overpaying for players and now even this overpaid manager is ditching them?!? Amusing!

I used to have sympathy for Everton at some point, but their annoying fans celebrating "winning the transfer window" in september killed off this sympathy fast!
And yet they recieve no criticism whatsoever from media

The Willy Watcher

If he was our manager and did that I'd be fuming but I guess that's the price you pay for punching above your weight in life.

All it takes is for a richer, more attractive, better endowed guy to come along and you'll be on your own longing for David Moyes.
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I hate this type of managerial appointment, it just shits all over the fanbase. It's the club owners telling their own fans to go fuck themselves, we'll do what we feel like. Benitez is also a total charlatan, he'd probably sell his mother to get a job so he's just as much to blame as the Everton owners.

The only interest is in watching the inevitable melt-down occur and then at least there is one other club we can laugh at because right now that's something of a rarity.
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