Levy / ENIC OUT? New Poll 2020

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ENIC / Levy Out?

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But, but, but... Levy something, something, something, yachts, bigger yachts and...



I have thoughts on this, but with everything up in the air I am just going to let the next few days play out and see where we are.

The specifics of any of these deals that do get over the line will tell us a great deal.
If Levy gets either deal done fair play but why the fuck are didn't we do it a month ago?

Neither is the striker deal that needed to be done a month ago.

If we'll have that done in the next few days fair play. If we're planning on going without...that would require some explanation.

Total fluke good news on the fixture front with Orient being a theoretically weaker opponent with dramatically less travel than Plymouth. An empty Brisbane Road against that sort of opposition should, in theory, be something our kids are fairly comfortable with.
It would?

It think you'll get an explanation?

None of this answers the question of who leads the line for the (assuming success) four cup games in nine days that start a week from today.

If Regulion and Bale are just throwaway temporary punts in a quixotic doomed quest at 4th place, that's a different sort of analysis.
If I was you mate I'd hold fire on being smug until we have signed them both

This is tottenham after all


Your life must be so fucking full, Christ. When your kid made its first steps were you like "hold up they might fall". I don't get it at all, fuck off to the plastic club u wank over.
If I was you mate I'd hold fire on being smug until we have signed them both

This is tottenham after all

Fair point.
But I can't help getting excited about these. These are the only links I believe are genuine, unlike all the other bollocks.
Deeney ? Do me a favour, like we were ever interested in signing him.
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