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Tractors for the people.
Many of us accept that we have little chance of any sustained success under Levy/Lewis . They have bigger fish to fry and deep down most of us thought it would be the same old this season . Another 20 years of them will be a empty delivery .
What makes this season so underwhelming is Mourinho's football . Many praise it when it gets results but go into overdrive when we loose.
Win or loose it's pure crap 90% of the time . The worst since George Graham , totally against the historic ethos of the club and before business men
Sugar)Lewis came and sucked the soul out of the club .
Objectively they have to deliver and they don't .
Understandably they are nearly impossible to get rid of but we learn painfully and regrettably to live with them.
Goodnight Vienna
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Trusting the process.
I picked "IN" as I don't want an oligarch to come in here and just make us like the rest of the big clubs.

They fucked us due to some years of stagnancy, but I believe they have also done a lot for the club. I want us to become a BD type of club and think we can get there with these owners. They just have to buy into that model, which seems right up the alley of these investment type of fucks running the club.


Wish Levy would just sort the recruitment/scouting dept out and blend back into the background.
I mean doing it the wrong way. I think there needs to be a complete overhaul in world football where a salary cap is put in place. I know that won't happen, but if Spurs become a City and just purchase £80m players left, right, and center than I am out.
Well that is up to you of course but if the club were spending that type of money, then we would be successful left, right and centre shame that you would wish to miss it.


Moaning isn't moaning if its about our other fans.
TLM. Don't let the levy's of this world oppress us any longer. Why should lewis get a big yacht when we get Burnley's 3rd choice keeper. ENIC out, ambition in!
An interesting perspective (and your subsequent explanation makes sense).... But in contrast to the "unnacceptable lack of ambitions" rants of others; it's a compelling twist.

Keep being you, fella! :mourthumb:
I think a lot of people have pointed out the sea change in strategy from ENIC that a lot of others try to ignore. ENIC showed ambition when they didn't sell Rose, Eriksen, Toby, Kane, etc. They gave Poch the chance to push on with the squad. The reality is we just don't have the cash to pay the wages to keep top internationals like that happy and invest over a billion pounds in the stadium and training ground infrastructure and spend hundreds of millions more on transfer fees.

We rolled the dice that Poch and Co. could win something with this squad, and allowed hundreds of millions in transfer fee value depreciate to keep it together. And then we came up short.

Some people completely ignore that. It costs money to hold in to assets as well. And now we're gonna have a very hard road forward, because there's not much of serious value left in the squad to start rebuilding with.


ENIC OUT NOW !!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Why do this? Its a futile question whether ENIC should be in or not. They are, end of discussion.

Last I saw we are valued at 1.6 billion, up significantly from years ago. Profits are up. But Levy and Lewis should go because TFC has a poll. This is Spammer level stuff.

Does anyone seriously think they can force owners out by an online poll, a march of 9 people, or fans protesting? How has it worked against the Glazers? GSB?
It is all a pointless question.
Do you honestly think this is the only place people share this sentiment? Half the stadium empty for home games where we keep playing like shit would nail it home pretty quick

And the question is more about what you think about ENIC as a fan
for a bunch of misfits we're a pretty level headed bunch most of the time and all want the same so I'm sure most can appreciate the progress we have made in the last 15 years – a lot of credit should go to Levy.

I can't help but feel on the footballing side (management, structure, scouting and transfers) he comes up woefully short (pun intended).

The place the club is now in on a global scale surely warrants a change in structure, him giving a budget to the footballing side so he can look at the overall model and step away from the day-to-day running.

I love football but this last 12 months have been hard, yesterday ruined my Sunday afternoon, I was seething... it's not fair on the family. I wont let football do this every weekend.
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The no trophy thing hurts a lot, of course, but lets look at it a bit more rationally. We've chucked domestic cups and Europa League games with half arsed effort ever since Harry Redknapp. It continued through Sherwood and it's a stain on Pochettinos otherwise excellent record. So we weren't interested. But some people seem to think that winning a Carling Cup would be a bigger deal than reaching a Champions League final. It's not. We were targeting the biggest trophies of all in an era where City have unlimited spending power on the back of Chelsea having the same.

We punched massively above our weight under Poch, a bit more investment might have got us a title and that's devastating. What hurts for me is that we gave up on that. Levy has invested in Mourinho and we're fucked until this is over in my opinion. No amount of edited Amazon footage is going to change my mind.
Brilliant post. I feel like we're just treading water until the manager is changed, ENIC sell or both. It feels like we're back to pre Poch, possibly even pre Arnesen/Jol.


Spot on, this has got all the hallmarks of what has happened at United. Leveraged the club with huge amounts of debt to generate record profits that go straight to the shareholders. The stadium now looks like a horrendous investment (unless a vaccine is found ASAP) and it is telling that we still cannot find a sponsor for "The best football stadium in the world".

The other problem I see is ENIC demanding a sale price that is unachievable (I would guess £1.5bn or above) and with outstanding loans at £800m who has the appetite to buy? This year is going to be huge for the club off the pitch and it is clearly going to need ENIC to put money into the club at some stage.

Mate you don't buy the thing for 1.5 billion and then pay off the loan in the same way you don't but somebodys house and pay off the existing mortgage/debt they have on the house.

The debt is Enics, reality is they won't sell for years because say the club is worth 1.5 billion then enic only get 800 million of that if they sell for that price and the other 700 million services their debt, from their perspective every year the stadium pays for its self and gives them a little bit more equity each year, they are increasing their net worth year on year.


My main criticism of Levy has always been he shits the bed when we are close to glory and just need 1-2 special players like peak Redknapp or certainly peak Poch to get us over the line where we then go into a decline phase as we run out of steam.

Mourinho is a gamble for the club and a big one, I do want it to work even if the football is shit, I would accept shit football for a title. However if it’s just shit football then like AVB it will be best to say thanks but no thanks.

Levy should have been more strategic, we could have become the BVB of the prem. Buying young talent and selling for a high price to get round our cheap skate Joe Lewis owner. Even if Poch has still failed we could have looked at young up and coming managers who play and develop young players, Nagglesman the obvious but there are others.

The problem I see is simple and has been pointed out many times, how can an austerity club fund a manager who loves and needs to spend. I thought when Mourinho got appointed either we are spending to the moon or Levy is a fool.

We can’t force out Levy or Lewis but we can put pressure on them to improve and get a director of football to fix the football aspects of the club.
Daniel Levy and ENIC is the biggest obstacle we need to overcome.

Ever tried those games where you have a bunjee cord around your waist and you have to run as far as you can before getting pinged back?

That's us in a Levy/ENIC existence.
I'm still Levy/Enic in and José out.

Mostly based on the investments made last summer and hoping that this will be the norm for coming not Covid years. However the recruitment department needs to be upgraded and we can't keep playing José-football.
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The scary thing about not being able to think for yourself though is that so many of the people now voting out have based it on the Everton game.

Let’s be honest, had we won, this thread wouldn’t even exist would it.

So basically, new owners because Jose made shit subs, and Ndombele wasn’t Pele after all, like a big chunk of them thought he was.

Then you get the hardcore like scott scott ......1470 posts in here but you won’t find him in a match thread.
Think the Everton game just confirmed quicker than normal that the squad isn’t there, maybe that’s a good thing in hindsight, rather than halfway through the season....Harry Kane had two touches inside the Everton box, two touches..shit subs or not even with putting Joe Hart in centre midfield that shouldn’t happen....
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