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The Fighting Cock

The Fighting Cock
Thread starter changed from Carlito Brigante

Deal to sell Ade to Besiktas has fallen through due to our asteemed chairman.

Still arguing over a payment structure for Benteke.

Don't do this to us Daniel.....not again
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How do you know about the Ade deal?
gossip said:
however, the Togolese international refused to accept a pay-cut.
Right, that's certainly on Daniel…

This transfer is going too smoothly. Manu, make some outrageous demands!:levystare:
:adestare:But maybe I want to leave?​
What about my cred, though? People will think I make fast transfers!:levystare:
:adeohshit: I'm still not sure I understand.​
You don't see that zin zin will have to start a new thread, then?:levywtf:
:adegrin2: Right, now I understand. I'll make those outrageous wage demands & slow it down.​
I knew I could count on you, Manu. Time to inform the top table.:levystare:
Fucking mad. Lets face it, although he is a great player, we didnt urgently need to buy Paulinho. But Levy went straight in there with 17m. We urgently need a striker and we fuck about for weeks on end.

Carlito Brigante

Just got off the phone from my top boy.

Release clause activated, wages agreed, apparently going on under the radar for weeks. He even said he thinks the medical was done a while ago.

Once again the ITKUNTS shown up for what they are.

Still arguing over a payment structure for Benteke.

Don't do this to us Daniel.....not again

Guess thats one more ITKUNT shown up for what he is then......

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