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In London, one of the best stadiums in world football, one of the worlds top coaches, a big club with a great history, yet we can't seem to sign players.

I wonder who or what the issue is here?!
these guys won't go until someone buys them out for BIG money,
all those that go to the stadium can do is boycott the shop, the food & drink, at least that way you can watch the game but someone will be moaning to Levy/board after the match that there is wasted food & drink etc, yes its only a little thing but anything else costs the supporters money
To be honest, I’m sick of them. They’re happy for us to slowly turn into a mid table club with shit transfer window after shit transfer window, nothing has changed in the last few years.

I’ve got my rescheduled scum ticket (which I can’t make if it’s midweek anyway) but apart from that, they won’t be receiving any more money from me.


Stale. Imagine having a manager for 20 years or a prime minister for 20 years, Levy needs to move on. We have no real energy as a club, we need change.
This season was fucked the minute they brought in Nuno as manager. Will have to soldier on until the summer with what we have and likely the same lazy players we cannot shift this window because no one wants them.
The club have a reputation, not a good one either but the glorious leader is both deaf and blind to it.

The restlessness is growing, Levy needs to start pulling rabbits out of hats as he won’t be getting the benefit of the doubt anymore.
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