Levy Out/ENIC new poll 2021

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Levy/ENIC in or out?

  • In

    Votes: 72 23.4%
  • Out

    Votes: 236 76.6%

  • Total voters


In honour of John Thomas John Thomas whose conspiracy to create the super league globally and then collapse it as a ploy to make Levy unpopular seems to have worked a treat.

So we still in?
Who do you think is going to pay the 2 billion quid it would cost to buy us? Dunno about you, but i'm short a few bob.

We'd end up with someone far far worse.

WAKE UP PEOPLE...We'd rather Levy and Enic over becoming a PR machine for a Rentier state that works migrant workers to death. It's them or the yanks, no one else would buy us.


#1 Supporter of Mason's Mates
I was out before so still out now as not much has changed for me.

I don't think new owners will be any worse, even if I am not sure they will be much better either.

I think the most realistic outcome to hope for is we get a similar approach in running the club as a business but with a chairman that realizes they are a business man not a DOF.

Although I doubt we are lucky enough to get rid of Levy any time soon.


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I’ve been pro ENIC but with an empowered DoF. However, the past 2 years, this season and this week show what an utterly useless and corrupt bunch they are. We’re taken for mugs by them. We’ve allowed ourselves to be turned from being fans, from being the club, to being mere expendable patrons of an entertainment retailer - and not a very good one at that. Fuck ‘em all.
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