********Leyton Orient v Tottenham Hotspur 3pm Today *******

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I have done for many years - and I won’t be supporting them again under Levy
Then how about leaving the forum until that happens so no one has to suffer your endless negativity.
If you're a man of your word, then leave and come back on the day levy and enic go. We will all welcome you back with open arms.
I was not that impressed with Devine today to be honest. I didn't think he stood out at all. I was more impressed with more or less the entire left flank. Eyoma, Bowden and Clarke. That's where things happened after we made the subs.

Devine and White held down midfield well enough. But they didn't stand out to me.
For Devine it was three bits of play that cought my eye, his bite and athleticism more than anything. Hard to judge any of them really when you make wholesale changes with 25mins to go. Yeah, Eyoma was solid. Bowden too, but having seen a good bit of him now I can't really see him being a PL player.

Furball man

🏆 🏆 🏆🏆🏆🏆
So if pre season games are to run around get fit , when do we expect Dele to get fit ? Next March ?

I’m only joshing but he really didn’t do anything . Such a waste of a phenomenal talent .
Has anyone seen any explanation for Doherty, Reguilon, Sessegnon, Lamela and Ndombele (5 players) not appearing today ?

Do we think they were rested today to start on Wednesday ?

I assume Skipp and Tanganga were not considered fit enough to play, but back in training so just a question as to when fit enough to play.

Strange line up today with the only first team players on show being Hart, Dier, Winks, Dele, Bergwijn and Moura (6 players), with CCV being the only player with much experience (100+ matches in Championship) and then youngsters.
Fair enough. I’m not sure if he is where he ought to be in his development to be honest. I hope we see Sessegnon in the same position in a game soon for comparison.
I'm a bit concerned about Clarke's ball control. That shot on goal was terrible.

I'm glad he got himself forward and into the opposition penalty area. That's what I wanted to see from him. We just need him to do a bit more when he's in there. Hopefully, that will come with time.
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Look. Woolwich have toured scotland and havent won yet. Its clear for us we have work to do in the market. Id go for traore for starter. Him and son either side of front 3 is mouth watering. Would like a free kick specialist in team. Always good to have to bail us out of shit. Another eriksen would be good. Dont think rodon is good enough for us.


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