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Whilst an admirable stance, and worthwhile blah-de-blah... I can't help but notice that LGB&T sounds more like a Cigarette Company's Trade Union!!

I can't believe the fucking irony of this...the club bleating on about showing its support for a persecuted minority yet showing the cold shoulder to any fan showing his support for....a persecuted minority.



The Club is delighted to announce the formation of its first lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGB&T) fan group, in collaboration with the Gay Football Supporters' Network (GFSN), as part of its support for the Football v Homophobia month of action.

The group will become part of the newly-formed GFSN Fangroup Coalition (GFSN FC), backed by Kick It Out and Stonewall, to act as an umbrella organisation for LGB&T fans throughout the country.
Our home match against FC Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk on Thursday 27th February at White Hart Lane will see the official launch of the group, which aims to engage Tottenham Hotspur's LGB&T fan base and hold regular consultation with the Club.
Leviathen Hendricks, Chair of the group and Coordinator of GFSN FC, said: “We are delighted to be launching a LGB&T Tottenham Hotspur fan group. All football fans want to feel a real sense of belonging to their team. Unfortunately, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are still very real barriers.
“We believe that LGB&T fan groups will go a long way toward creating a tolerant and safe environment while providing an equality of social experience for all fans to freely enjoy the excitement of being a proud supporter of their Club.”
Donna-Maria Cullen, Executive Director, Tottenham Hotspur, said: “The Club prides itself on being fully inclusive, regardless of race, gender or sexuality, and welcomes the formation of its first LGB&T fan group.
“Through our award-winning Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, we are a leader in the field when it comes to promoting equality and acceptance of the various groups and cultures that exist within our diverse and vibrant local community.
“We see this very much as an extension of that fantastic work, as well as the 20 years of ongoing support we have shown to the Kick It Out campaign.”

Smoked Salmon

Finest human being of all time
You can suspect all you like sunshine. This is a football club not a political toy.
Then you had no business making comments about white hetrosexual English patriotic people.

It was your use of "English" and "patriotic" in particular which gave you away. This thread is about gay people. The other conscious debate surround our club is one of ethnicity and religion. Nationality is irrelevant and is not under discussion.

The fact that you felt the need to bring in nationality stinks of an underlying prejudice of the kind the likes of the Mail and EDL like to promote. If politics were irrelevant you wouldn't have felt the need to purposely point out the hard, put upon white man of the modern era who is losing out left right and centre to everyone else.

I am a patriotic English, white, hetrosexual man. But I don't need a group for any of those reasons because I don't feel under threat or discriminated against for any of them. The same can hardly be said of minorities in this country.
We're the nuff side, we're the nuff side, we're the nuff side Tottenham!


Nah, in all honesty as most others have said - dont really care/mind. But just don't see the need for a song and dance about it. Football is football, blah di blah...
I can't believe the fucking irony of this...the club bleating on about showing its support for a persecuted minority yet showing the cold shoulder to any fan showing his support for....a persecuted minority.
And to what purpose? I'm sure all of the people in that group can happily get in and out of the ground, and we see our club now making a big effort to stop them being offended whilst they are there.
How come nothing is done to stop people being offended by wankers that boo the team, hissing Chelski fans, or Spurs fans being offended at the sight of goon replica shirts etc
Why doesn't the club do something positive for really disadvantaged minorities, by putting better viewing facilities for wheelchair bound fans?
Or doing something for the disadvantaged MAJORITY, who arent allowed to stand up to watch, or drink decent beer, eat a sandwich or pie at a reasonable price......

OH yeah, because the initiative announced is a palliative at no cost, and generally a meaningless gesture.....
All for gays (Have lesbian aunts), but this could be a bad thing. Putting them in a group singles them out and allows others to attack them far more easily. Just my opinion though

Well, it's not like anyone will be forced to join the group.

And for all who says: "Sexual orientation/politics/religion/whatever has nothing to do with football." Yes, it has. Football (or more precise, going to matches) is social. You are around thousands and thousands of other human beings. For a lot of people, their religion/sexual orientation is a massive part of who they are and defines them as human beings, even if they themselves don't want it to be that way. Politics is not confined to its own sphere. It is "total", and affects all of life, whether you like it or not. You are all free to hide your personal allegiances when entering a stadium, but if you demand that others do it you are enforcing your views upon others. I understand that you want football grounds to be a "haven" free from everything non-football. But you need to realise that the world you live in is so much more complex and by ignoring that fact, you yourself become an oppressor.
So please don't tell the sitgmatised minorities of your community, whose day to day struggles you can't even imagine, how to behave or express themselves in public. Live and let live.
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