Ligue 1 2018-19

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Suit blazer, tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

Classic cunt attire.



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Bourdeaux is now officialy under American ownership. Joseph DaGrosa, who runs the GAPC group will assume temporary presidency whilst their long term president Frédéric Longuépeée (previously at PSG) finishes up his work on the Paris application for the 2024 Olympics. Also looks to be stealing Leicester's head of player transfers Eduardo Macia for the role of Sporting Director
Just finished watching the Marseille/Lille game from last night. Fuck me what a mess of a game, terrible refereeing(I’m a fan of VAR but the French are still using the TV screen on the side of the pitch which is inferior to the FA model where the ref just defers the decision to the VAR refs) completely lost control of the game, an imploding Marseille, few grounds in Europe do fan unrest like the Velodrome, at one point the ref has to take the players off when fans start smoke bombing their own players, then chuck in the fruit loop that is Ballotelli (has there ever been a more perfect home for him) ..The end is nigh for Garcia surely...

LLB Part Deux

"The man who fucked up TFC" - Mick Cooper
Thierry Henry only has himself to blame for his failure at Monaco

Some choice cuts from the article:

"Last Sunday, during Monaco’s 5-1 defeat to Strasbourg, Henry was even caught on camera telling the opposition right-back that his “grandmother’s a whore,”

"Reports from the club’s training centre also highlighted a seeming lack of professionalism on his part while taking training"

"It is hard to square Henry’s seemingly imperious attitude (witness his admonishment of Benoît Badiashile after the young defender failed to push in his chair at a press conference) and reports that the manager conducted himself more like a senior member of the squad than their manager."

:pochfacepalm: :sonlol:
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