Lucas Moura

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Happy Clapping Melter
Very excited by this signing, but I didn't realise how small he is! :D

Should we fail to sign Moura or anyone else of significance Pochettino and Kane and nearly definitely others are as good as gone.

The club has hit a very difficult period in my opinion.

I have said it before we are unsure how to progresa.
You don’t half talk some bollocks. If you think Kane and Pochettino’s futures are linked to the (somewhat uninspiring) Moura signing, then you’re madder than a badger.
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Dr Rocktopus

Our humble A Capella offerings need to be as straightforward as possible - what do you expect? Bohemian fucking Rhapsody?

“Luca...just beat a man. He confused the player’s head, ran right past and left for dead.

Luca’s on another run...and now he’s off to set up Harry Kane.

Luca...oooh oooh oooh ooh. Doesn’t need another touch.

Can you believe he cost less than Sissoko..what a deal..what a deal.

He’s better than Juan Mata.

I see a little Luca Moura on the ball.

Going left? Going right? It’s a very very good sight.

Pace as fast as lightning. Incredibly delighting me.

Pochettino, Pochettino, do not ever take him off. Magnifico.

He’s Luca Moura, everybody loves him. He’s Luca Moura, from a dirty oil team.

He’s the nuts from Brazil, and he’s playing like a dream.

Is he here? Is he there? He’s every bloody where.

Bismillah! Nooo. Please do not sub him off.

:pochohshit: will not sub

He will not take him off :freundgoal:

:pochohshit: Will not sub

He will not sub him off :freund:

And so on and so forth. I reckon that would catch on in a matter of seconds.

Fucking hell I’m bored of this film I’m supposed to be watching.

Dr Rocktopus

A few of us have said it, but he really is going to be like a new signing for us. Yes I can see why people are frustrated with our lack of business this summer, but this is a high quality player that Pochettino openly stated would need the remainder of last season to regain match fitness.

For those of you who didn’t see him at the top of his game in the past, you’re in for a treat. He’s a quick thinker with the skill to back it up. He’ll frustrate people because his positive way of playing inevitably means more often than not it won’t lead to anything, but when it does it can create exactly the kinds of opportunities we’ve been crying out for.
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