Lucas Moura

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Fantastic news.

been a while since we've had a player that we've genuinely warmed to this quickly.
The guy is so easy to like also. Anytime they interview him he almost seems unsure of himself as a footballer, like we're all going to find out he's really a plumber in disguise or something. I love that we have modest guys like him and not billy big balls like other teams.
glad to see we're carrying on with business. This is as important as new signings.

I expect they offered a new contract, he didn't feck about, the fans absolutely loved his kid coming on for that final game of the season. I expect he hasn't felt warmth like this from a club in a very long time. I hope him and his family are really happy.

For a long time in a while we have a real game changer on the bench... It's what we've lacked for years.

He certainly deserves us a raise for getting us to the final, that alone was worth a big wedge to the club, not only in CL prize money but global exposure.

Other players... please take note
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