Lucas Moura

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Kulusevski 8 pl assists in 13 games. Lucas 13 pl assists in his entire career.

Looong overdue for a transfer.
Problem with Moura is that he hasn't improved over the years.

Seem like this is his peak form where he runs hard and gives us a wonder game once in awhile.

I think he belongs to a mid tier team.
I had a big smile on my boat when him and Stevie dropped in for a hello yesterday. Knackered gooners must've been groaning inside with the thought of having to keep pace with them.
Moura is decent, but not fit for Conte ball, and he hardly has enough presence to be an impact sub as he is being played now.

I think we say kind farewells and separate over the summer and bring someone more like Kulu to replace him. He would also be better where he is a starter in a league where his abilities could be brought to the fore
Maybe after a preseason, we can work him at as a RWB against teams we expect to sit back.

He’s got work rate, pressing, pace, and is an ok crosser… we just don’t know if he can defend in the box… but there are ways to cover for him.

I just don’t know where else he can fit into the team.


Death to petro-murder-ball sports-washing.
Maybe after a preseason, we can work him at as a RWB against teams we expect to sit back.

He’s got work rate, pressing, pace, and is an ok crosser… we just don’t know if he can defend in the box… but there are ways to cover for him.

I just don’t know where else he can fit into the team.

Back-up winger or sell, innit......
It’s really striking whenever he comes on how much he lacks in basic decision making compared to the 3 who start. He’s got lots of dangerous attributes which scare defenders but just makes the wrong choices too often or can’t quite weigh a pass properly.

Lucas Moura makes transfer admission amid Antonio Conte praise after Tottenham victory​

Lucas Moura spoke after Tottenham's win against Burnley about his hopes with Spurs after making his 200th appearance against Woolwich

Lucas Moura has had to get used to watching Tottenham from the bench for much of the second half of the season, since the arrival of Dejan Kulusevski. Before that, the Brazilian was getting plenty of game time, but he now isn't in Antonio Conte's first choice XI.

That was until Sunday, when Moura was given the nod in the starting lineup, with Kulusevski being one of the four Spurs players who had contracted a virus during the week. After the North London Derby victory on Thursday, the Lilywhites needed to secure another three points, in their final home game of the season.

Conte's side did just that, despite the home side needing Harry Kane to score from the penalty spot, to break the deadlock. The win takes Tottenham into the top four and two points ahead of Woolwich, although this could change once again, as the Gunners face Newcastle on Monday night.

Moura played just under 80 minutes for Spurs on Sunday, before being replaced by the Swede. In that time he had two shots, produced four key passes and four accurate crosses.

After the North London Derby victory, Glenn Hoddle praised the 29-year-old, for what he brings to a Tottenham team. "He runs with the ball, he is a bit different, he has a change of pace, he draws fouls, he works hard, he presses people," Hoddle explained.

"A nice little combination, slightly different to Kulusevski." This is exactly what Moura did at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday and his hard work didn't go unnoticed by Conte.

"I'm happy. I'm happy for this because every player they know very well their importance for me to train every single player in the squad," the Italian explained in his post match interview with Spurs TV.

"Not to be focused on only 10, 11 or 15 and to have this response about my players, like [Davinson] Sanchez and Lucas, makes me happy because it means they are working in a great way. When you see these type of improvements, also mentally, something has changed."

Sanchez has been another player who has had to step in, in the last couple of games, due to Cristian Romero's injury. The Colombian has produced some mixed performances this season but in the last two games, he has stepped up and made the required impact.

Due to Moura's lack of regular game time, there has been speculation over his future in N17. The Brazilian has been at Tottenham since 2018, making just over 200 appearances, scoring 38 goals and registering 26 assists.

However with a number of years still left of his playing career, the 29-year-old has had questions resting over his next steps. In September last year, reported Moura's plans at the time.

"I do have a plan to go back to Sao Paulo. I want to feel again what it's like to play at Morumbi, wear that shirt, the club of my heart. But I still have wood to burn. I'm feeling very good physically," he explained.

However earlier this month, Brazilian journalist Jorge Nicola revealed that it seems more likely that Moura will wait until his contract expires (2024) before making the return to his home country. After Tottenham's recent win, the 29-year-old made a positive admission.

"[It's a] huge pleasure for me to be here. Every year, every training session, every game I come and give my best because they [fans] deserve and the feeling is amazing," he admitted.

"I love this club, I love to play for Tottenham. For me, the feeling is amazing. I just want to come on the pitch and give my best and see the fans singing and see them happy.

"The most important for us is to give our best on the pitch to see them like this. Let's fight for more next season and fight for a trophy because they [fans] deserve it," Moura added.

Speaking about 'next season' does suggest that the Brazilian will remain in the capital for at least another year. Although the 29-year-old has produced some mixed performances, he has also successfully shown his quality and when he does play, whether that's as a starter or substitute, he brings energy and pace to a game.

Only time will tell what the future holds for Moura, but his comments on Sunday indicate that he is still happy in N17.
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