Lucas Moura

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You would never guess Lucas Moura was Brazilian. He looks North African. Glad we got him anyway.
There's a running joke in a french football show about his mate Marquinhos looking like a Moroccan (which is in North Africa for those bad at geography), so yeah you could mistake him for one.
What also cannot be underestimated with this signing is Moura's experience of winning things.

In the last 6 years he's won 11 trophies. That mentality is going to help.

loved that he said in his interview that he wants to win the CL this season. I think he is right to aim for that, we have as much chance as anyone else, the prem league is gone this year so it has to be our priority.

Dr Rocktopus

I have only seen him play a couple of times and I don’t know anything about him as a person but he seems like a genuinely good and cool guy.

He’s awesome. Really, really good. Still shocked that we’ve signed him.

This is not some obscure player along the lines of our recent French signings. In fact he’s in many ways a classic Woolwich signing.

Can’t wait to see him in full flow. He’s an incredible player, and a great signing.
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