Man Citeh (Away)

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This game suits us better than Wigan at home does. City, having drawn a few games, will have to come out and try to win (especially at home), it's up to us to exploit this on the counter attack. I have a strangely optimistic feeling about this. We came closest out of anyone to beat them at the Etihad last season, I think we can do the same again.
Really hope this doesn't end up like the Chelsea match, where I end up pissed off thinking about what might have been if we'd had our best XI out.

2-2 draw because City are dicks and never do what I want them to do


So many secret societies, so little time
Hoping for some secret tactics and the sudden return of Dembele, BAE, Eunice, Parker, Sandro...


It's seriously time to start :ade:and :lloris:though. SERIOUSLY.


Shelf Side Tottenham
I'm saying 1-1, Tevez netting for Citeh and Vertonghen netting a messy tap it.
Cant see us getting anything with our injury problems the way they are at the moment.
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