Man Utd (A)

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You know I ball like Ndombele
Biiiiiig match.... and it’s on Amazon Prime.

Mourinho’s return to OT. A lot will be made of that, but more importantly a chance for us to really push on and keep up the confidence and momentum.

We must be stronger at the back. Can’t keep letting teams back in when we’re cruising. As bad as United can be this’ll still be tough, and they’ll want to get one over Jose.

Aurier - Sanchez - Toby - Jan
Dier - Ndombele
Lucas - Dele - Son

Wouldn’t be surprised to see Winks or Sissoko start, but I think it’ll be much the same as today with Lucas coming back in.

Win this and we have favourable fixtures ahead and we could be back in the top 4 places by the New Year.


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Entitled Cunt
I have Amazon Prime. Just worried about the sheer number of people trying to stream live around the world. Finished setting up my new Roku this morning as a matter of fact so I should be good to go through the holiday season.
I'll take any kind of win at this point. Our defending won't be sorted out over night and there are other tweaks that also need to be made. Still early, early days.
Jose has a knack for big games, I think firstly he will want to set us up to not lose, but after seeing our defence the last 3 games I think he might just decide to go for it and hope we score more than them, then good thing is they play tomorrow so that extra day rest could mean a lot being as they played the kids midweek. Looking forward to this game and seeing how Jose sets us up, win and I think we will get top 4 which seems crazy considering we were 12 points adrift not so long ago!


My one and only club
I watched Sheff U v Man U and the Blades controlled the game for about an hour until their legs were gone. I think our squad and manager is much better than Man Utd’s and we can win there. 1-2.
Not to be negative but I would take a draw. The games are coming so frequently, it will make it hard to get serious time on the training pitch to sort out of defensive problems. I am very happy with our attacking play, a bit more sharpness or luck and we could have had 5 or 6 today.

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