Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur, 17th April [0-1 AGG]

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Just got back from Manchester and have to say that was one of the best days of my life. I have never experienced such a wide range of emotions at a football game. The first 20 minutes nearly gave me a heart attack. When we scored it was absolute limbs. Saw a 16 stone geezer go flying two rows. City fans were being right cunts so we gave it to them hard. One of the little wankers even spat at me before the game! When it came to the second half I was so nervous and wasted that it took me about 10 minutes to get to my chair. When Llorente scored it was absolute limbs. But when Sterling scored I felt like I was imploding , in my mind I was just saying same old spurs they always let you down. And then we got the descision. Wow absolute scenes. I nearly cried. I cant believe it champions league semi final. After the game all the spurs fans walked back to the city centre. The City team bus came past us and we all gave them I nice little cheerio. When we were walking under the railway arches singing oh when the spurs it was magic. None of the pubs would let us in in town so 20 of us spurs lads ended up in a Trannie bar in the gay quarter drinking till 3 in the morning. The Dj even let us request cant smile with out you and sweet Caroline "Tottenham Tottenham Tottenham". The bar had a chinese resturant in the basement so we grabbed a cheeky munch. What can I say. Love this club. Bring on our brothers Ajax XXX. Up the fucking SPURS!

John Thomas

Live Spurs. Love Spurs. Die Spurs
I have a Man City acquaintance I used to play 5 a side with a few years ago.
Not seen him for a while.

He's actually a Methodist minister.

I text him after the final whistle.
Hi Bri' . Not seen you for a while. Thought I'd just text to see how your doin' , like?

He just replied.
Fuck off

Crazy night, and I get that we needed to celebrate, but I really don't like to see us celebrate like that on the pitch like we've won the CL. It was a great victory, definitely go and thanks the fans and celebrate, but it was a QF, we've still got a semi final against a team playing cracking football, who've just beaten Real and Juve away from home.

Go give your head a shake you misery guts! They can celebrate however the hell they like after that epic game!
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