Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur, 17th April [0-1 AGG]


You gotta trust ole Gibbsy.
Honestly, I still don't know what the fuck happened at the end.

My stream died and have no clue why the goal was overturned, but don't really fucking care.




[Cherub] #TeamHebzebenese
Fuck every cunt on here who melted. Im gonna bin you cunts, everyone of you should be binned forever.

I can only begin to imagine the horrors lurking in pages past..... :lamelashock:

Unlike usual, I jumped straight to the post-match circle-jerk.....

...Spare hand here if anyone fancy's changing it up a bit? :crouch:
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But we made ZERO Summer signings (a crime according to Sky Sports News)

Our stadium was LATE (also a crime according to the Evening Standard)

NO ambition...
NO future...
BOTTLE JOBS the lot of them...

and only the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SEMI-FINAL to show for it!

Levy/Poch out!!!
something we haven't done since 1962?
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