Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur, 17th April [0-1 AGG]

John Thomas

It's not my real name, btw.
I have a Man City acquaintance I used to play 5 a side with a few years ago.
Not seen him for a while.

He's actually a Methodist minister.

I text him after the final whistle.
Hi Bri' . Not seen you for a while. Thought I'd just text to see how your doin' , like?

He just replied.
Fuck off



The prodigal son.
Greatest night in years your first thought is to desperately try to start shit with people you sanctimonious little shit.
As a Spurs fan of the mid 2000s, this was the best night by a LOOOOOONG shot, even better than beating Woolwich 5-1 in the semifinal or beating Chavs to win it. Absolutely unreal...
My chest still hurts but now that I’ve collected my thoughts. What the fuck was Eriksen doing had he just boot the ball out we’d have been home and hosed without this butt wrenching drama. Fuckit COYS
question - how the fuck did you guys get the time and steady hands to post 90 pages during that match?! lol

I can safely say I have NEVER enjoyed a game less until the final whistle than tonight - I felt sick the whole game daring to believe we were gonna do it and being heartbroken twice at least, my mrs had to call me back from a pacing about the kitchen looking for smokes hissy fit when Sterling hit that 93rd min nongoal and then the panic set in again that we would let one in.....

But we didn't
What a mental, mistake ridden, full tilt game of football we have just witnessed. Against the might of an oil rich country and the billions spent we have just watched part of football history of our great club.

I cannot believe we are in the semi final of a european cup lads-what a chance to make even more history we have.

What a sport, what a game and what a fucking club:)
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