Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur, 17th April [0-1 AGG]


question - how the fuck did you guys get the time and steady hands to post 90 pages during that match?! lol

I can safely say I have NEVER enjoyed a game less until the final whistle than tonight - I felt sick the whole game daring to believe we were gonna do it and being heartbroken twice at least, my mrs had to call me back from a pacing about the kitchen looking for smokes hissy fit when Sterling hit that 93rd min nongoal and then the panic set in again that we would let one in.....

But we didn't
What a mental, mistake ridden, full tilt game of football we have just witnessed. Against the might of an oil rich country and the billions spent we have just watched part of football history of our great club.

I cannot believe we are in the semi final of a european cup lads-what a chance to make even more history we have.

What a sport, what a game and what a fucking club:)
I stayed well away until the final whistle.

You're bang on, it was thoroughly unenjoyable.

But now we can go rewatch with great joy.
I think I've only just reattached my heart after that, took complicated micro surgery involving a stapler, sellotape and a bottle opener, but it's done.

Another thing though, something I'm taking particular satisfaction with in regards to VAR is how refreshing it is to see something like that after all the years of being robbed in matches against the big sides, the Mendes "goal", all the times the likes of Pires, Vieira and Henry diving and simulating against us as just a few examples.
I've said this all along, this is one of the major reasons why VAR is vital for the game. Aguero is offside. That goal changes the season of both these clubs enormously, both in footballing and financial terms, and maybe the history of the clubs, who knows.

Every season you see this bullshit in games, especially major games, games being decided by bad refereeing calls, not players (and it’s not always referees fault the calls are bad).

And don't tell me that spoilt the fucking drama ? That was drama at it's most wonderful. 9/10ths of the stadium goes nuts only to be punched collectively in the nuts and our fans to go nuts. That VAR moment was as good as any goal moment we had tonight. I was absolutely pissing myself, the elation from thinking the fickle hand of football had fist fucked me once again, to the utter delirious joy of realising it had in fact reached around and tossed me off.
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