Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur, 17th April [0-1 AGG]

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
I've just spent two hours reading from page 75 and it's fascinating reading posts with hindsight. Just about calmed down enough to try and get some sleep as it's mum's birthday tomorrow. .I mean today, and boy are we going to celebrate.
Tonight makes all the crap times worth it. I love everyone who made tonight possible. Goodnight, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite xxx
I wouldn’t go that far! I was moaning about our inability to keep the ball, then after Llorente scored I was a nervous wreck, followed by absolute dejection when they scored in injury time. Pure elation when it was ruled out, followed by two minutes of fear.

When the final whistle blew I think I cheered louder than I ever have. A pure release of raw emotion. I’m not ashamed to admit that I wept. Maybe one eye for ‘sad’ and one eye for ‘happy’.

Been through the mill and struggling, but I’m so fucking glad I was alive to see that match. What a game. I think we all deserved that result. So unbelievably proud.

Those emotions are a beautiful thing. Never give up hope my man, there's still beauty to be had :)

Glad the boys got there in the end pal
He did say in the half time interview during the first event that we should believe in getting to the semi final of the CL. The fans there roared and low and behold we are there....

The club needs to believe more. That's the only way you shake off this bottlers/spursy tag.

Nights like today help, even though we nearly fucked it. I just hope we learn our lessons e..g not going backwards in the final minutes (hint hint Eriksen.)

Dr Rocktopus

Those emotions are a beautiful thing. Never give up hope my man, there's still beauty to be had :)

Glad the boys got there in the end pal

I’ve had a really rough day today, getting yelled at by all and sundry for stuff I’m not at fault for, missing out on a new flat, and generally just feeling low. When Sterling’s goal went in I just had my head in my hands thinking ‘well that just sums it up’.

When the decision was reversed and we finally got through...haven’t felt like that since we won the League Cup against Chelsea. Spurs came to the rescue and turned an awful day into an incredible day.


Trusting the process.
We play Bournemouth away on Monday April 29, which will have to be moved due to CL Semi on Tuesday April 30. But Bournemouth has to be played before the end of the season the following weekend. We also have the 2nd leg CL semi on Tuesday May 7.

Where does the Bournemouth game go??

Just give us the 3 points... We're busy.

I was hoping to watch this with my mum who was 70 tonight and a lifelong spurs fan but I had some problems bringing my dog back to the UK and had to stay in new york for longer than I wanted.

I went to the New York spurs bar to watch the game but when I arrived the pub had no power which seemed like a bad omen! I followed the crowd to another bar around the corner which was packed, everyone was singing all the songs and there was a really good atmosphere.

When they reviewed llorente's goal I was ready to boycott football but luckily they made the right decision.

When I thought they had won it at the end I dropped to the floor and couldn't believe how we always lose in the worst possible ways but then I heard someone say it was offside and when it was disallowed the place erupted!

Was really surprised at just how many spurs fans there were there especially given KO was in the middle of a working day. Thanks to the New York spurs for an unforgettable night!
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