Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur, 17th April [0-1 AGG]

Where do i even start with this pile of absolute crazy, Well i might as well start with some honesty.
Sitting, sorry “standing” there at 4-2 down, the only thoughts going through my head were “how does a team holding a 1-0 victory from the first leg, score 2 priceless away goals after 10 mins of the second leg still manage to get knocked out of Europe?” Well we are Spurs, and this shit happens to us, are the only logical answers I could come up with. We weren’t playing that great and fuck me City were, well at least they were attacking well, and this situation can only get worse from here.....
But what happened after Aguero put City in control was about the most amazing thing I have witnessed in 40 odd years following this club, we just stopped being Spurs, we literally just STOPPED being the team that rolled over in these big games and got its belly tickled like a young puppy, the team that’s broken my heart too many times now to keep count just like that decided fuck this, no no no, we ain’t doing this again.
Vertonghen started barking at people (how he’s not Captain is beyond me) Alli was staring at people and going come on, Jesus, Llorente even started to drop deep looking for the ball, the switch had been turned on, and what do you know? We actually started to play like a team that believed, those moments were usually reserved for Liverpool & Man Utd during my lifetime, and more recently Man City and Chelsea would deliver the occasional rabbit from the hat.....
I won’t get into VAR, and the rest, as the rules are the rules and we won the tie fair and square, we are in the Semis plain and simple end of story!!
I said many pages ago if we were to get past City this would be a great result not only for us but for football in general, as a reminder to the money frauds out there....
Well that aside, this might be the game that truly changes the direction this club is going in, this might be the game our Spursy tag has been well and truly put in a wooden box and buried six under the topsoil.......COYS!!
Out National Trusting it with the fam today.

Couple of Citeh full kit wankers in the cafe.

Before I knew it, I'd run over and was jabbing my finger, clutching the badge on my spurs polo and shrieking HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! in their stupid faces.

Their parents weren't that impressed mind, but serves the glory hunting pricks right.
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Mrs Perryman

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Mum's birthday so must give her my attention today. Will post more when she has her siesta. For now just need to keep the feeling alive as I still feel that it was all a dream. If that had been a Roy of the Rovers story, you would shake your head at the editor's wild imagination. More drama than anything TV or film could dream of. Obstacles galore to manoeuvre. Really thought the world had come to an end when Sterling "scored", real despair, which turned into unmitigated joy on it being disallowed. Every emotion under the sun in the space of an hour and a half.
Realised that this post is all over the place. ....just like me, really. Enjoy every minute my fellow supporters, the thing I love most is being a Yid.
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