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Dr Rocktopus

The guy was a genius, and a fascinating if flawed character. The rock ‘n’ roll star of football.

Personally I think Messi is better for consistency, but Maradona is undoubtably the Titan of footballers. What a legend. RIP you fabulous bastard.

If anyone hasn't seen it.

Brilliant piece of filmmaking that. Until you watch that, it was hard to truly appreciate what his life was, chaos, the immense mental and physical pressure he was forced to live and play under, how he managed to perform the way he did, in that era of being allowed to be literally kicked to fuck, whilst simultaneously coping with a private life in perpetual turmoil - not all through his own choices but definitely not helped by many of them - having to deal with the pressures of being a national icon of immense proportions, and hard partying friend of gangsters playboy.
In terms of pure footballing ability I've never seen better. His touch and balance and mastery of a football are the best ever without doubt, plus he had pace and guts and a very strong desire to succeed. I honestly don't think we'll ever see a player quite like him again.


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La Bombonera in total darkness, except for one light..
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