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Yeah they don't care...


As for 'loser' ... you're not serious?


Oh we have a ridiculous envious loser Barsa fan here.

You were so obvious. LOSER RETARD. Probably argentino and Barsa fan. Hahaha.

Keep envying LOSER. Maradona was an asshole and an average player. Bale has better figures and record than him.
Bitter means you're upset that one of the greatest players that has ever lived played for Barca and not Madrid.

I have no idea what the rest of your post means though, sorry.
Oh and you can take in your country some of the milion venezuelans that have come to Spain escaping from the criminal genocider communists that Maradona supported with passion just as in Cuba.



Death to petro-murder-ball sports-washing.
Bitter for what? In Madrid, drug addicts, junkies, crooks, communists and cheaters and expelt. For mafia go somewhere else up north.

He didn't win anything in Barcelona, he was a total failure. We kept ruling our league.

Ronaldo, five-time winner of Europe's Ballon d'Or and often titled one of the world's best players, was accused of avoiding paying tax in Spain between 2010 and 2014, when he was playing for Real Madrid and based in the Spanish capital.
Uh how many crying babies in this thread protesting because I criticize the communist junkie and alcoholic abuser of women and mediocre player.

Grow up you argentinian poor fellows.

Obviously you are trolling but the point is valid in my opinion, the super talented of yesteryear often do get away with being at times absolutely awful human beings, look at Paul Gascoigne for example, Would Joey Barton ever get the same level of forgiveness?
Not saying Gazza has not done some bad / terrible things, clearly he has. Also not saying the generous things he has done cancel out the bad. However there are things in the credit column, maybe Barton has done as many acts of generosity and I have not heard of them. But until I hear of them I would not compare the two, in my opinion Barton has zero redeeming characteristics
I think Joey done quite a lot for the mother of the boy his brother murdered, fact remains Gazza is a celebrated abuser of women.

Anyone watching this? I think it's entertaining and some great scenes with actual footage of Diego mixed in with the drama which works well.

Love him or hate him, what a life he lived.
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