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end of an era
For his 60th birthday, I, like so many, think it would be appropriate for Boris Johnson (the elected best of all England) to offer the apologies of his English subjects to Argentina for the filth ridden slaughter of Argentinians in that English terror adventure of the 80s.
It would be a nice touch from a country now so much smaller in stature and craving international acceptance.


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One of my favourite footballing pictures - the love he had fot football and win for his country.

Terry Butcher was a tad bitter as well.
I don't blame him....
I'm just surprised that Terry Fenwick still hasn't claimed Maradona's second goal; aka: "The Greatest Goal of all Time" as his o.g.... which I'm still convinced it was!

Yes, Maradona was an amazing player, probably one of the best of his generation.... but sadly, his later career, and life was blighted with controversy..... I'm sure as and when Gazza finally succumbs, they'll say the same about him.

Lineker's comments were a little snidey, and clearly came from someone who didn't like him much... but surely, being from the same profession, you have to rise above all that? Gary doesn't come across as particularly gracious!

As it is, Maradona, along with Pele and Eusebio, was one of the greatest players to have graced the game.... love him or not, you have to take your hat off at his sheer, natural footballing ability.
Died at 60 but llived a life so rich and varied that for most it would have taken 150 years to replicate.

And long after many of us have left this mortal coil his memory will live on and on. Such people never truly die do they.

He will add colour and panache to the celestial team.
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