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Like you, I consider myself lucky enough to have seen both players, although obviously it was harder to watch Napoli in the mid eighties so didn't see anywhere near as much of Maradona's career as I have Messi's.

I think you have to balance out things like the pitches and the way a skilful player could be hacked about, with the sheer level of physical, tactical, mental superiority of modern football that Messi has had to play in, and lets not pretend Messi hasn't been subjected to a barrage of physical punishment too.

I'm not outraged that people would choose Maradona, I can understand why, it's hard to compare players from different eras, and these two are very comparable, and have very similar skill sets to compare, unlike the comparisons with people like Pele and Cruyff etc, who were totally different players.

And they both did it in what was the best/toughest league in Europe at their time (or at least for phases of their careers in Italy and Spain anyway). People will argue Messi got to play in a side with Iniesta, managed by Guardiola, but lets not ignore he continued to perform and produce amazing levels after both of those had gone.

Maybe one of the advantages Messi has given himself is that his private life has been stable and that has allowed a level of focused professionalism that enabled him to produce much more and much more consistently, I don't know, we'll never know the true impact of Maradona's private life had on his performances and output (although we've got a fair idea), but having seen both, and loved both, it's Messi for me, all day long.
Yes I get it and if you said I could have either player for their 5 best years at Spurs, no doubt Messi's numbers would dwarf Maradona's. Messi is an extraordinary footballer, possibly the best ever.

But Maradona had a swagger and a charisma that Messi doesn't quite possess, Messi is a machine, Maradona was more than that. I'm not putting Messi down, he's amazing but for pure genius Maradona is unrivalled.


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Maradona, apart from a criminal communist supporter of massively criminal communist dictatorships and a disgusting criminal drugaddict was just a ball juggler, football is not circus, football is a competition to score more than the rivals, not to see who is a better juggler, and in that sense, the only real sense, Messi and Cristiano are a trillion galaxies away from Maradona, Pelé, Cruyff or Di Stefano.

Some people have problems with reality only because they have childhood memories.
Look everyone! Here’s a new complete fucking twat for us to play with! Can we keep him? Can we? Pleeeeaaase!!!


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Broke my heart, will never forgive him from an England supporter point of view.....but he does fascinate me.

Read an article Sunday re the film, he has two personas, Maradona the lunatic, Diego the normal person.

Should be a good watch.
Always turn it around to be about England. You fucken cunt. Can't wait for Brexit and Scottish independence. You'll be fucked. Completely fucked. No EU or Scotland to subsidise you're delusions of grandeur


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I love this pic....the person blacked out in the picture (highlighted by the white circle) is his former son in law. Aguero

Best of all time, no doubt. Defenders used to kick the crap out of him all match long, always kept going, unstoppable. Raised the standard of world football with him.


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Nothing political. If anything, I'm saying now is a good time to rise above the politics of imperial violence and atone.
Would be a nice touch, as I said.
I know what you and I said that this isn’t the thread to bring that crap up

Start another thread about British Imperialism whatever
I don’t give a fuck but this thread is dedicated to the greatest footballer of all time

Not political bickering
Stupid cunt!

If anyone hasn't seen it.

Brilliant piece of filmmaking that. Until you watch that, it was hard to truly appreciate what his life was, chaos, the immense mental and physical pressure he was forced to live and play under, how he managed to perform the way he did, in that era of being allowed to be literally kicked to fuck, whilst simultaneously coping with a private life in perpetual turmoil - not all through his own choices but definitely not helped by many of them - having to deal with the pressures of being a national icon of immense proportions, and hard partying friend of gangsters playboy.


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The guy has barely been dead for 24 hours - not sure it's the time for comparisons of who's better and who's not better.

Maradona was the best of his generation.
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