Match officials: Bent, incompetent or just trying to do their best.

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Ignorant but enthusiastic
I have had a look at a few other team threads and moaning about the officials is universal throughout the PL. Every team seems to think all refs and VAR officials hate them. I thought it would be an interesting thread to to allow people's opinions a free rein.
Enjoy yourselves......keep the language under control....!
I couldn't rule out someone being corrupt but most refs are human like us and make mistakes under great pressure and loads of abuse.

I don’t think they are directly bent but I do think that cunt Abramovic wielded some indirect influence over these bullied at school, jumped up little freaks

It’s a terrible vocation - why would anyone do it? Similarities with politicians…. Shit pay, shitcunts
I think they're crooks. Bent like any organisation with power, no accountability and a seige mentality.
I think they incompetent and don’t know the rules well enough. This isn’t helped by the rules being changed every season. I also don’t think there’s enough accountability for them so they get away with the mistakes they make and don’t learn from them.
The situation is also not help by VAR and the officials watching that in the box not wanting to undermine their buddies when they’ve made a mistake.
Bbc Police GIF by Line of Duty
In every industry and business associated with making profit and /or also keeping the national/individual profiles/ egos ahead of everyone else's, corrupt practices will be utilized!
When an official openly admits that he didn't send his 'mate' to the VAR screen, because he felt he'd already had quite a challenging afternoon, it's quite clear in my mind...

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Half bent, half incompetent.

I'm staggered at how easy it is for players to manipulate the ref, especially with time wasting. Some decisions just seem so egregious (and fit a pattern) they have to be bent.

Last saturday's decision when we had a corner and a second ball came on the field, the ref then blew and gave it as a FK to them - I don't know what category that falls in to.
I do have this dream that one day we'll get breaking news and leaked images from a ref's WhatsApp group laughing about how they can team up to shaft us.

Also if we had more professional footballers turn ref, I think they would be a lot harder to manuipulate.
They should be subject to more accountability.

If they've had an absolute stinker and fucked a result because of shit officiating there should be consequences. Fined, mandatory training, match ban, an apology. Whatever.

VAR was brought in to reduce human error, yet, all it has seemingly done is cause more issues, either by not correcting blatant mistakes because they don't want to overrule a "borderline" decision by the on-field ref or picking up on stupid shit that happened an insignificant amount of time ago.

There's got to be a better balance between VAR and the on-field ref. They've had enough time to sort it out.
I do have this dream that one day we'll get breaking news and leaked images from a ref's WhatsApp group laughing about how they can team up to shaft us.

Also if we had more professional footballers turn ref, I think they would be a lot harder to manuipulate.
Sure its already been said how they helped leicester that season
No doubt in my mind that there is corruption and favouritism for teams/players in amongst the referees.

I really can't see they would be as bad as they are, because they are absolutely useless. Truly. It's seems there are stinking calls in almost every game over a PL weekend.

I know they all look a little bit odd and probably didnt have too many friends as children, and the incompetence is hereditary as only a handful of refs have ever been very good, both in making the calls and being decent human beings where you can get an explanation from them during matches, when I have played at various levels from Sunday league to county to part time.

Especially now with VAR, it just shows that the whole 'team' of refs on a matchday are generally clueless about the game itself and how to use the laws.
Mix of both and more.

Refs have been publicly recorded saying things like they wanted Leicester to win the prem during that season and whistled in their favour.

Others in VAR saying they don't want to expose their mate for making mistakes.

With the amount of money in betting syndicates going around, it would be more of a shock if some of them haven't been reached. We know players are involved in betting scandals and refs get paid a lot less so have more incentive.

Does that mean that the Premier League is telling the officials which teams to favour? Unlikely that it would ever be that explicit and open to exposure.

Then there are some refs that just aren't that great. I don't understand why the best league in the world can recruit the best players from all over the world but not officials.

There are some good refs in the prem but it's pot luck if you are going to get a good one. We've had 3 shockers already and we are only 5 games in.

It's certainly not just us either.
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