Match officials: Bent, incompetent or just trying to do their best.

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The penalty that Luton got against Sheffield United was an absolute shocker.

No way in a million years that it should ever have been a penalty.

Not one player appealed from either side, game continued on.....everyone was happy.......but no......VAR decide that they want to take centre stage and gift a penalty to Luton.

Total joke.

Some refs feel that any contact with the arm or hand in the penalty area is a penalty.......others feel it needs intent.

No one knows what handball in the penalty area is.

They either need to say it has to be intentional, or they have to say ANY contact with the hand is a's just crap at the moment with some refs giving pens and others not.
Thing is. No one really intentionally handballs in the box. 99% of the time
I think that there is a degree of incompetence involved, but it's the inconsistency that's the real problem. The refs aren't helped by the ever changing landscape of a 'flavour of the week' focus on a particular law - usually as the result of a perceived injustice to a 'big' team.
But Spurs do, I believe, suffer occasionally because of a deeper entrenched problem. When the ex Man U, Liverpool and Woolwich 'legends' that stink up football coverage are happy to use the 'Spursy' comment ad nauseum it creates a subconscious 'order of things' hierarchy in officials minds - and I am happy to accept that it isn't a conscious or deliberate modus operandi generally. It's precisely why media is not allowed to comment when a legal case is subjudice. Refs are comfortable with an adverse decision because it's just Spurs being Spursy.
Did Keane, Wright, Merson, Neville, Carragher et al. call Brighton 'Hovesy' or Villa 'Villarsy' or West Ham! 'Hammersy' this weekend?
I don't even think it's wholly a malicious comment from the LivArsUtd pundits cartel - more a filler they resort to when their lack of intellect, vocabulary and original thought surfaces, and that happens very often.
I honestly think we are way too honest
I don't even think it's that mate. We've had a number of 'nailed on' pens refused this season. Nothing to do with players trying to stay on their feet, or other 'honest' approaches, we're simply being denied penalties that other teams are getting.

Let's not forget that the first 'dishonest' thing we did, Bissouma's dive, he got carded for and sent off. Players like Sterling and Saka dive in every single game, yet Saka hasn't been carded once, and Sterling got his first last week, iirc.

Our honesty isn't the issue, it's the honesty of the officials that's suspect.
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