Match thread: panathinaikos vs tottenham (europa league)

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The problem for me was in inability to inject any urgency in to our play. The fact our opponents played with no urgency and the ref stopped the game every 30 seconds for reasons known only to him, did make it difficult for us to play to a rhythm. So we take our foot off the gas, and the game saunters on, cue 70 minutes and (as so often happens) the opposition up the pace...suddenly, we're caught flat and struggle to get going. Naturally, this isn't helped by the ref blowing-up for every slip, feign and hint of contact (see: awarding a foul against Sig for being persistent in trying to tackle a man), meaning every time we try to win the ball we end up conceding a foul, turning over possession time and time again.
8 goals conceded in the second half of games this season, only 1 conceded in the first half.

Could be an aberration, but could also be an issue with fitness levels or late game concentration.
Burko said:
8 goals conceded in the second half of games this season, only 1 conceded in the first half.

Could be an aberration, but could also be an issue with fitness levels or late game concentration.

its neither fitness or concentration, its our managers stratagy to hold onto a lead, however slender and whoever the opposition. we have too many quality attacking players to play like this, especially against weaker teams. he has to learn to stop handing the initiative to our opponants.
every game bar qpr and lazio we've conceded late goals and qpr nearly scored late on.
might get another slagging but i hate to see us playing defensive football, its boring for a start. get out there and attack, score goals, play football like its a game to be enjoyed, we are spurs after all, we entertain, its what we do. i feel entitled to a bit of entertainment when i watch football because thats exactly the reason i watch it in the first place.
avb might be doing a mancini type job, being defensive and letting the forward talent sort itself out, but mancini has far more talent [in depth] than avb has available and city fans were more patient because they had low expectations.
hope to fuck he gets through this season because changing managers again would be a mare.
we have the players available to do something special, but we wont if we keep throwing away games through fear.
williams316 said:
How unfit did huddlestone look.I dont think the likes of mason Coulibaly Falque and others will get much of a look in again this year in Europa.

Question, or statement??

I think his hair is now weighing him down... the sooner he gets a goal, it's off to the barbers, and we get our THudd back, rather than this aberration borne of the Social Networking Twatter generation that saw him make a passing statement online, that he now has to live by for the rest of his playing days... HONESTLY, what if he does a Freund and NEVER scores another goal for us again... you seriously telling me he's gonna stick by his pledge and end up looking like THIS?



SadlerTHFC said:
Does anyone else think Walker can be really dopey at times? :walker:

He's very over reliant on his pace to get him out of trouble - to the extent where he is virtually always out of position

can only hope he'll learn over time as he's looking like the weak link to me at the moment


Stanners said:
S.L.R said:
Those MOTM votes are baffling

Much be some sort of movement from France voting for Lloris. Dawson getting votes just because of the goal, also what did Bale do?

Dribbled past their right back about 20 times - it gets taken for granted with him now but there are very few players who can dribble at the pace he can
Yeah must admit I thought Bale was decent, but definitely agree re Lloris and Daws. That's a good point though, looks like a concerted group effort for Lloris there.
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