Match thread: Tottenham vs Swansea (Home)

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Barca do something similar. I recall Gary Neville going into great detail on MNF one night last year. Essentially when they play out from the back the CBs split almost to the corner flags, the FBs push up and the CBs and Keeper play it between themselves to draw the other team forward allowing them space to play into. Looked bloody bonkers if you ask me, only they could pull it off.

This is a different proposition entirely from the original post that I commented on. Stretching the opposition by playing it around at the back, to draw them into their pressing game for the sake of opening them up - is vastly different to ceding possession for the same purposes. I'm beginning to get the feeling that this is where we are having a misunderstanding, whether its because I didn't get what you were saying, or you weren't expressive enough to make it clear I can't say.
If its my fault then you have my apologies for attempting to take the piss undeservedly.
If you read through what I have tried to explain you would realise I never once promoted doing so, and have tried to express that numerous times.

Different answers to different posts, not one big joined up idea.
I like that Stoke was such a travesty of a match that no one wants to talk about it anymore, whereas this match still occasions tons of analysi… oh, I see what's going on here.
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