Matt Doherty

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Expecting better. He's playing like a right sided Davies right now. Doesn't really offer anything going forward. His final ball is literally no improvement on Aurier from the showings so far and he was done THREE times defensively today.

But, a cleansheet to his name. So fair play.

I'm sure he'll improve as the season goes on.
Hasn't impressed me going forward that much which is what i thought we signed him for.

Defensively him and Serge aren't that much different. Neither is good enough but we'll have to make do with using one or the other until we can sign a top class right-back.
Not surprised by the struggles. He was up there with CFs in terms of runs in the box last year as a RWB. Wolves play with the most inverted FBs in the league I have to believe and we have him in a flat back 4. Baffled me when we made the signing, but I did think we would see more 3 at the back this year, which we haven't. KWP is a much better RB whereas Matt is a much better RWB.


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Again, not really sure what he adds.

He doesn't add anything going forward. Could have quite easily given away a penalty today. Which would have been the 3rd he's given already this season.

Hope he can improve.
He is struggling. More and more I wonder why Mourinho signed a RWB to play RB in a back four, he doesn’t look good defensively or much better going forward.
No real upgrade on Aurier overall so far.


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
He’ll be a solid back up when we sell Aurier next year and bring in a young Reguilon type.
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