Mauricio Pochettino

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After a pretty surreal experience in San Diego and another few minutes talking to Mauricio in Carson, I have to say, we have one of the most class managers out there.

First, the guy comes out and totally surprises me and about ten other members of San Diego Spurs. I was genuinely shocked, and I'm sure that it comes across in the video. He was super nice and took photos with everyone, including my eight month old daughter. Gave us a shirt signed by the squad and made his way back to the locker room. What really really cemented it for me was two days later at the open training at the Stub Hub Center. I was about fifty yards away from him when he walked down the tunnel, he spotted my family and immediately waved and started walking over. I'm quite positive he was told by the PR folks that he needed to do signings cause he then walked over to the crowds of people and took pictures with everyone in that area. When he finally made his way over to where I was standing he actually stopped and had a five minute conversation with my wife and I. Some of it was in Chris' video, which has been posted somewhere else on here. Not hard to find. Anyway, he tells me that he's actually got the picture of he and my daughter saved on his phone. That fact even now still blows me away. We spoke about his kids and his dog. Really just a genuinely nice and thoughtful guy. I can fully see why everyone raves about his personality.
Ha! Respect to Southampton for turning that into a graphic. Levy wouldn't even report that sort of shit if the likes of Real came and pinched our man.

There's not been the market for it recently....



Sorry for bragging but if I didn't already love this guy I now worship him entirely. Swing past the hotel again this evening coming back from a meeting just up the road and caught a bunch of the team as they were leaving for dinner. Poch was more or less alone just outside the hotel so thought I'd try to grab a quick chat. Ended up talking for 10 mins or so all about how he's changed the club, what it was like when he first joined, chances this year, how he struggled with English at the beginning. Such a lovely man and had all the time in the world for me to talk Spurs.

Also, there is little chance he'll ever go to United. He really does not like that club

Several points to be made here:

1. What I said about him not lasting was more of a dig at Levys chopping and changing managers than at him.

2. What are those fuckers saying about me on the pod? it better be complimentary or I will open them all up.

3. Please don't make me eat my own shit.
What Pochettino's doing cannot be underestimated. In a little under 6 months of football he is revolutionising the clubs mentality. I don't want to come across all 'We're going to win everything' but the evidence is there for all to see; a never say die attitude, no matter who we are playing be it Hull, Villa, Chelsea or Woolwich.

When we do fall behind we stick to our principles, the team maintains its shape, and we invariably get a result from the least likeliest of positions. I remember when teams like Woolwich and United would win matches in the dying minutes and thinking what jammy cunts they were but of course that was drenched in bitterness. It is down to coaching, players wanting to play for one another and an unerring belief that we will score....we will win.

To go in to a NLD and know we were going to win, even after going a goal down, is not something we are used to but under this manager I have a feeling it isn't going to be the last time we feel that way.

in short; I fucking love him.


end of an era
Break will do him good
Do him good? Do ye know what he does when he gets a red?

He goes to his deaf Grandmother's assisted living place, you know it's a ground floor terrace with a walk in bath. Handles everywhere. Anyway, he goes there, unannounced, but that means fuck all cause the old cunt is deaf, makes himself right at home. But he's no happy. She's watching 15 to 1 repeats wi the wee sign language cunt giving it yeeha in the corner. The volume is through the roof. She assumes he's there for a cup o cocoa like the old days. The old days when he was nice. She fucks off to the kitchen to put a pan o milk on the hob. She's making some din, but The Hood just needed to get away from it all and clear his head. He begins to realise he came to the wrong place. He can't hear himself think. Just been carded off TFC and she's banging around in the cupboards and 15 to 1 for the deaf is fucken blaring away in the corner. Know what he does? Do ye know? He fucken undoes his tweeds and starts trying to fist his own arse right there in her living room. Now he can hear the carriage clock on the mantel as he tries to get another knuckle in. He fucken hates himself. It's all too much but he won't be defeated. He will not. Not again.

Then she comes through with the cocoa. She deaf not blind. Poor cunt.
For 25 years it was assumed it was the natural order that the scum would finish above us. Thank you poch for changing that.

No mater what tonight results entails. Thanks for the fucking ride.

God bless
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