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It’s almost like you need to be taken over by a foreign billionaire and get into debt with them to be taken seriously.

Imagine an English club, with an English chairman and an English owner, with 5 English players going to the World Cup, challenging, becoming a solid top 3 club, operating at zero debt.

Yeah let’s get the knives out and stab them at every single opportunity....while we laud the clubs run by Russians, Yanks and Shieks who operate at hundreds of millions in the red.

Got to love media.....they’ve fed the masses a line, and somehow, most neutral fans want to see us fail, instead of supporting a policy that benefits fair play, and English grass roots.

And the most sickening thing is the amount of our own fans who are all in there with them, feeling let down and humiliated by the way this club conducts itself.

Fucking farce
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You ever hear the old saying “He who pays the piper picks the tune”
Well Sky and their faithful lieutenants in the media world pay the piper, and they damn well pick the tunes.
But there’s one problem, Spurs don’t dance to that tune.
We used to get applauded from the media back in the days when we finished 5th or 6th under Jol, Redknapp, Boas etc etc, and in turn the media would turn a blind eye to the occasional 4th spot finish from Harry, I say a blind eye, however they did try everything in their power possible to sell all our top players for us during that time, the British media’s coverage of Bale to Madrid was a disgrace to journalism.
Now that we finish top 4 (top 3 actually lol) on a regular basis the media in this country hate us, simply because we are doing this for almost free, we are certainly not reliant on their money to the extent of others, so in a nutshell we are the worst advertisement for their controlling money machine there possibly could be, with the exception of that Leicester City season.
But when it did come down to Leicester and Spurs in the end, they had no shame in tying their colors to the Leicester mast, in fact most in the media were quite publicly open about it, why? because they knew Leicester City would go away as quickly as they appeared. But Spurs on the other hand have stayed strong, and didn’t go away, infact we are still there, mixing it up with the £200m a season membership club, and by god the powers that be can’t stand that, and that makes me so happy...They can not handle the fact that if their money left the game tomorrow, many clubs would die a slow painful death, but Tottenham fcuking Hotspur FC would grow stronger and stronger...
So finally media controlling bitches, we are happy to play every 3 days over Christmas, we don’t even mind playing cup games at Tranmere on a Friday night 3 days after our last league game even with our very small, lacking quality squad (their words not mine) while the super strong “quality laden” squads of other clubs get as much rest as possible, not even after our grueling schedule at your request by the way, we still managed to put on a 7-0 exhibition for the British public, yet you still won’t acknowledge us, no no no, you now drag up the Y word argument yet again and you still try and whore our top players out to cream of European football (it’s so strange that you actually want some of the best players to leave this league).....So media, Sky, BT and the rest, sorry to keep crashing your top 4 club and daring to be in a title race, and sincere apologies for continuing to punch above our weight, and deepest apologies for not needing your money like others could you please go fuck yourselves with bells on, because this club is going nowhere, get used to it....#COYS


To the media. And every plastic cunt that champions cheating in the form of City and Chelsea etc. Let me say this.....

My football club means a lot more to me than your stories do, perhaps it means more to me than it should, but I will die happy knowing that I never looked in a mirror and celebrated cheating, lying or despicable behaviour. I spent my time, when young and older, turning up and caring. I was there when Gazza was magnificent and I was there when Freund could not score. All through that I learned one important lesson.

We are Tottenham.

And we don’t need your bollocks.

Your lies.

Your clearly influenced opinions.

We walk the streets of North London, we drink in the pubs, we don’t have everything, but we don’t shit on people, hurt people or pretend. We are Tottenham Hotspur.

We are the club that includes.

We are the club that believes in moments of glory, not seasons of attrition.

We don’t need someone born thousands of miles away to kiss our badge. Jimmy Greaves did that and he was better than Messi hopes he will be. We had Perryman. A giant. A real man. Not Terry, not Gerrard, Viera or Petit. Perryman fuckers. Do you realise what that man means ? Do you know what Mabbutt means ?

When I die, my last day I will ( hopefully ) look in the mirror and know what I stand for and what Tottenham Hotspur meant to me.

For every Madness playing Chelsea fan and every Blue Moon bathing cunt, I have a Glory Glory to shove up your fucking pipe. We did it first. We did it best and we did it our way.

We are everything as we came from nothing, we don’t come from Dirty Russian money. We don’t come from Middle East rhetoric or even USA, USA. We come from school boys. Standing under a lamp post hoping for something better to do tomorrow. That’s our DNA.

Fuck Sky. Fuck BBC, fuck em all. United, West Ham, Liverpool. Because we are the Tottenham.......

We don’t target the colour of skin. We don’t pick on race, belief or sexist mantra. We are the club of Ginola, Gazza, Lineker, Perryman, Hoddle, blanchflower and Greaves.

Nothing else matters. Tottenham till I die.
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"I brekka yorz back ind make-a yew humbil"
For me the constant disrespecting and mocking of Kane has gone beyond personal and a general disdain for Spurs.

if you’re a young kid with a speech impediment, seeing a high profile person like Kane being abused will definitely rattle you. Their mealy mouthed apology completely misses the point.

Best fucking role model our kids have had in years.... Mugged off every 5 minutes cos he's not some trash-talking, flash, hooker-bangin', twitter-slut.

State of the nation. :harryhmm:


You're a long time dead
Jim White (Sky reporter) is currently on air at Talk sport, berating THFC for not allowing Sky Sports News reporter Dharmesh Sheth to essentially cross examination Poch about the Man Utd managerial vacancy. "Everyone is asking the question, Pochettino is the bookies favourite and we want answers" is White's line, frothing at the mouth as he then plays a recording of some Trump interview where a reporter was denied the opportunity to question him. "It's exactly the same!" he declares. Listen fuckwit, IT AIN'T THE SAME AT ALL. The 'everyone' you claim are clamouring for answers is actually the Murdoch media of Sky Sports, The Times, The Sun and fucking Jim White on Talkshite. When you attend a Spurs press conference, ask questions about THFC, not Manchester United. What happens around Old Trafford is of no interest to us and is not our concern. If 'the media' want to have questions answered regarding managerial appointments at MUFC, attend THEIR press conferences and cross examine THEIR representatives. See how far that gets them. Very short shrift I would imagine.
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When you write up your match report at half time and go home...


SouthStand Billy

Anyone else feal we're over reacting. Do we really want them sacked. Have any of you ever made a mistake. They acted in unprofessional manner and that it was done without them knowing it was being recorded looks worse for them. But at the end of the day who gives a fuck. We got bigger fish to fry. I know I'll probably get a load of disagrees. But honestly who gives a fuck.

Have to disagree with you there Mate.. It's very damaging to Harry who has said in the past he was and is still bullied for his speech impediment. I'm sure he must be sick of Idiots disrespecting him and coming out with playground comments about him..

Bullying of any form is just wrong.
Why isnt Klopp being linked with a better club if he's so good? Laughed the other day when they were all sympathising with the little children on his bench that couldnt be trusted to change a game. No talk of a weak Liverpool squad though.

Why isnt Rashford being pushed towards Spurs in the press? Far more likely and beneficial to the player than Kane going to Utd.

Why isnt Pogba being labelled as a flop, like Sissoko and Lamela was? 90M.

Why doesnt Sane deserve to be at a club thats challenging for silverwear. He could play at Real Madrid, where are all the pundits championing that he should leave to progress?

Why is it never mentioned in the goal scorers table that Kane has missed 11 weeks and is still second?
And to be fair to Everton, why is every story about Lukaku leaving, yet none mugging off Chelsea for writing him off after giving him 10 games in three years?

Why are Woolwich, sitting in 7th, yet considered favorites in September being given a wide berth when the word "bottlers" is being thrown about?


Eric sends his regards
Fucking media can do one. Keep being salty and disrespecting us, making yourselves look like the muggy shitbirds you all are. They are all trembling in fear...
Absolute disgrace... Stuntman Salah literally makes a living from diving and cheating but he is a visionary genius spreading joy throughout the world, meanwhile we get cards for diving when we are fouled. Kane, now Son. Maybe Dele as well?
We absolutely battered Utd in every aspect of football but the putting it in the net part and that is a fucking masterclass by them?! Yes masterful indeed letting us have 10 clear chances to score.
But yet when the tables are turned, it's no masterclass by Tottenham or heroics by Lloris, it's evil, lucky, shitcunt Tottenham have the audacity to win a match while not playing total football.
It's repugnant as fuck, I hate everything about football pretty much now.
Only my love for Tottenham will never stop, the rest of it though is pure unfiltered corrupt bullshit.


Spurs - Champions Cup of Europe Winners 2011
This cropped up in a thread a few days ago, but I am interested to hear people's thoughts as to whether -

1) They feel certain clubs maintain a strange-hold over the attention of the media?
2) Whether you actually give a fuck, and would prefer Spurs stay 'under the radar' as it were?

The (main) reason I raise this is I find it exceptionally frustrating to bring up Sky Sports News app on my phone today and I actually struggle to find anything on our battering of Chelsea. I stated the same on the day of our COC clash with Newcastle - it was all Liverpool vs Bournemouth stories.

To list the current stories in order on SSN app -

Gerrard: My Toughest Decision
Gerrard exit saddens Carragher
Thommo: Last of a dying breed
Rodgers pays tribute to Gerrard
Houllier: Gerrard could manage
Liverpool's greatest?
Best Gerrard moments
Transfer Centre
Palace still to confirm Pardew
West Brom to unveil Pulis
Supporter charged by police
New Saints deal for Yoshida
Green admits slice of luck
Regional Paper Talk
Mourinho to rotate for Watford
Jovetic relishing title race
Shaw retains title hopes
Terry: We'll go on a run
Jagielka: We need to step up
Dyche confident of survival
On the FantasyFC...
WIndow opens on Saturday
Football news in brief

That's it. Not a bean on Spurs. Not one interview. No manager comments. No media comments. No player comments. Fuck all. Just Mourinho advising his plans for his next match and Terry confirming they'll win loads of games in a row. Thanks.



They can all fuck off, biased wankers.

Sammynomics 101


Yes.....much better to have your logic:

Away to Barcelona with a "mid table" squad
Embarrassing . . . .

We look so average it's painful to watch.

A half arsed 2nd string Barcelona you fucking cretin.

An embarrassing display this half has been.

Then we equalise to qualify.....


Oh that hurt didnt it....

Final whistle

8 points through to the knockout LOL
Doesnt post for a week after the Barca game....

On to Scum away...2-0 win

We are so weak we are getting bullied in midfield.

We are struggling against woolwich without Dembele.

We are very weak in midfield.

Winks and Eriksen are both lightweights and highly ineffective off the ball.

We desperately need a new CM in January.

They are bypassing our midfield like it's absolutely nothing.

Not a single reference to either goal though......


On to Everton 6-2 win.....

The points tally this season massively flatters us.

We are conceding more chances and creating much less than both 2016/17 and 2017/18.


5-0 win, posted at half time while 3-0 up against Bournemouth

Could have easily been 3-2 , we have ridden our luck here.

Then onto a Scum match, where you find room to point out that you think their manager is better than Poch at something...

Eyezil taken off at HT after poor showing.

Wish Poch was this rutheless.

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