Media Bias

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Just want to say this as well.

Only people complaining about the decision last night are chav fans and people who hate spurs aka dippers and scum supporters.

The truth is, it’s embarrassing how much of a hate boner they all have for us, the press banging on about how Kane ”dragged his leg” and ”dived” (ignoring the fact that momentum was a clear factor and him trying to avoid being clattered by the keeper) and of course he will leave his leg in because why the fuck not? Do they expect him to not play for clear foul? Also complaining it wasn't offside despite evidence showing it was and then the players on the pitch surrounding the ref even after the decision was given, utterly pathetic but brings a smile to my face knowing we are finally getting some justice after all the years of shit decisions that clubs like Chelsea have depended on, VAR is the best thing to happen to football imo.

Back to Kane though, you have all these dipper fans saying ”If that was Salah he would have a ban and be all over the papers, fucking spurs are the media darlings” and yet all the evidence says otherwise, everything we do is criticised, every time Kane goes down it is a meme or people are making fun of him for claiming goals (we love to kick our English boys down in this country don't we? The past has shown that much.) last year the goal claim thing that effected him for a while and it was driven by the gutter press and Liverpool fans on social media (and unprofessional Liverpool players, there's a shock.)

Whilst Salah and pool have just in the last 2 weeks alone have numerous suspicious decisions given and a clear dive from Salah and have we heard anything about it? Have we heard anything about them getting knocked out of the cup and Klopp failing yet again to win another Trophy?

Have we bollocks, why? Because THEY are the media darlings, not the ”victims.”

Just for a laugh as well, here is a genuine opinion of a Liverpool supporter, one that is echoed by them in general, no, it isn't a parody and yes, they are delusional.

”It’s amazing how much I’ve heard the ‘one trophy in twelve years’ line over the last week or so in relation to us. That’s also including two tight PL chases, two CL Finals, EL Final, FA Cup Final and League Cup Final.

Got me curious about Spurs....

One trophy this millennium. One League Cup in 20 years, and another three finals. That’s it.

And you don’t hear a peep in the media about it. Now I’m well aware we’re a far, far bigger club and so a lack of trophies for us is far bigger news. But that’s positively Everton-esque. Considering the hype they’ve had, the hype around certain managers (‘Arry and MoPo in particular) that really is absolutely appalling.”

^ That’s why I hate these twats, sums them up perfectly.

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I've been picking out the recent bias when it comes to years of winning the league. Lately with all the Liverpool talk the media has been saying, "It would be great for Liverpool to win the league since it's been 28 years." Nothing about how even better it would be for us since it's been since the fucking 1960s. It's important for the media to get Liverpool back on that Championship pedestal.


Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness
She may be a Shite football pundit but she gets some horrible anti semetic abuse and stands up against the wankers like galloway.

She's also a ride.
That's like me disagreeing with a post where you call Sol Campbell a cunt on the basis that someone was racist to him.

She purposely set out to rile up Spurs fans to score brownie points from other fans so she's fair game to get cunted off and in no way does that imply she should get racist abuse so not sure what your problem is pal.

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