Media Bias

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I don’t understand why it matters what pundits say about us or any other team? What effect does it have on the most important thing? i.e. the outcome of matches.

Even if every pundit only ever said spurs are bunch of no hope, spineless, shit at football bottlers. Really what would it matter? So people don’t like us, or our football, or players, manager or owners. And?

Fuck ‘em all. Couldn’t give a shit.
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After the Media's outrage at alleged Monkey Chants with Headlines on front pages of Newspapers and on every BBC News report the next day despite no proof, how come yesterdays incident at MU is low key.
I found it well down on the sports page in the Daily Mail and not heard a peep on BBC News. Yet this threatening to burn named individuals which is clearly proved is not deemed even close to Monkey chants. Is it ok to threaten death but not be racist or is ok because it is MU and not Spurs.
Quite enjoyed this one:

Name of the Rose
Because Mediawatch is in a generous mood, we have fixed Dave Kidd’s ‘exclusive’ piece about Jose Mourinho in The Sun.

‘JOSE MOURINHO is facing growing unrest from Tottenham stars Danny Rose dismayed by his old-school tactics and uninspiring training sessions.
Senior players Rose believes the team has regressed under Mourinho and his long-ball tactics are holding them back.
‘And SunSport understands several of Mourinho’s leading players Rose – who had initially welcomed the appointment of a manager with such a glowing CV — has grown frustrated at the Portuguese’s approach after just two months.
‘Many players Rose believes they are heading backwards after the innovative and popular Mauricio Pochettino.’
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Eroding the true defnition of glory since 1976...
Anyone know why Nuno and the entire Wolves squad aren't getting linked to everyone under the sun?
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Not sure where this belongs, however it just struck me as relevant. You often hear we couldn't be taken over by a committed money man and be sports doped. That FFP would prevent this level of funding, it's drivel. The sad truth is,the will for compliance at UEFA is paper thin. Man city abused FFP then did it some more, result they are now too big( like PSG )for the governing body to do any more than give a symbolic wrist smack. With our new stadium and real estate ventures, the college and training schemes in Hackney and community outreach programs, we are primed to do exactly this if we find an investor that wants to ego trip on the glory.



N'Koudou looked world class on YouTube
Maybe this is reading too much into things?

"Bergwijn, 22, has played 16 times for PSV in the Dutch Eredivisie this season, scoring five goals."

There's no mention of the 10 assists to his name begging the question, would it have been included if the dippers were signing him?

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