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Nah prefer they ignore what we do well and trot out the cliches so i can develop my outrage. I'm off to repeat HOW DARE THEY in my best Brian Blessed voice

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"But by the end Tottenham were cruising again, sucking the sweetness out of the best night in this competition for an English team since Chelsea won it five years ago. Nothing was decided, no medals handed out, no trophies hoisted. But football is a game of moments too, of hard-won breakthroughs, of team-building in the heat of competition; and Spurs and their English core had a night to cherish."

Tottenham’s English core put Real Madrid stars in the shade | Barney Ronay
That sound of the penny dropping is starting to reverberate
caught a bit of Talkshite last night driving home; to be fair to Cundy (tricky I know), he was being very complimentary about us. The other one was being a complete twat in the good cop bad cop scenario to get people to call in outraged.

Jacobs as in Hawksbee and Jacobs is even more loathsome, but he too has been saying we get it right (youth, English, buying Llorente etc) where the Chavs get it so spectacularly wrong.

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