Milwall v BHA : FA Cup 6th Round. 14:00 Sun 17th March


I need Brighton to win this. I go on holiday on 6th April and it's my only chance of being at the opening fixture in the new stadium.

I know a Wednesday evening match against Palace isn't really the preferred choice for the proper opening of the stadium. However given I'm going to miss the date for the Brighton game, the Huddersfield game, and the home leg against City in the CL, I think if Milwall beat Brighton I might just spontaneously combust.

Who do you want to win the game, and what are your thoughts on opening the stadium on a Wednesday evening against a lower mid table team?
want brighton.
a game under the lights to get the players up to speed for Man City ....(yeah they'll training on the pitch but nowt replicates a proper match.)
plus, extra days off... (more training back on the pitch)
I am around for both of the potential opening dates but was tense watching that for the loyal yids on here with dependencies on that result.

Hope you can make whatever arrangements you need to!
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