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As the title says above, what is the most disrespected player we have had? As in players that were actually good just got talked about like they are shit

Clint Dempsey; People label this transfer a waste, forgetting that he was our second top scorer in the league with 7 goals in 29 games, we lost Bale the end of the season but him also leaving was a bad move for us in my opinion

What are your most disrespected players?
Aurier gets a lot of shit. Was our 3rd most creative player last season gaining 8 assists, 3rd top tackler in the entire premier league and despite his reputation only picked up 3 cards all season.

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Apart from John Pratt and Mark Falco already mentioned, think Ian Moores, John Lacy and Mitchell Thomas got a bit of a rough ride. Out of the current crop, so many get over-the-top criticism, in fact I can't think of one that is immune - even H gets it from some quarters.
Not convinced Rose deserves some of the stick he gets. Played a fantastic season and always gave his best. Clearly felt he has been treated unfairly at the club and the shock of Walker getting to 50m move to City ahead of him clearly dented his confidence. There was word that Spurs had blocked a move for him from another Prem rival the season before Walker went.

It was good to see him in the Doc desperate to play; albeit going the wrong way about it. Some players would be happy at his age to run down the contract doing minimal effort.

Really hope he doesn't end up in Italy. They are an incredible racist bunch over there and he will make himself a target. Hopefully a move to Leeds will work out.


The Bill Nic. quote about him is brilliant 🤣

I had been getting it in the neck a bit from some of the sections of the crowd at Spurs but Bill expected his players to be men, and he said that the crowd paid our wages and were entitled to have their opinions. So one day, before I was due to play my first game at Old Trafford, I asked him what I could expect. He replied that it would just be like playing at Spurs, except that up there 55,000 people would hate me, whereas at Spurs it was only 45,000!

— John Pratt


Pratt played 331 times for Spurs between 1965 & 1979 scoring 39 goals (1 every 8.5 games).

I think his problem was that fans used to compare him to midfielders that had prededed him like Dave Mackay etc which was very unfair.
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