Most disrespected player


Martin Chivers

Should have done so much better with his talent and physique but inconsistent and if you whacked him early enough in a game he would disappear
Remember at Derby where Roy McFarland did it and at Anfield where Larry Lloyd did the same

And then there was a game at Elland Rd where he terrorised a great Leeds team in the 70s and we won 2-1 where he was unplayable making surging runs at their defence
I remember this one well as I actually met the ‘great’ Billy Nic on the train back South in the dining carriage where he took the time to chat to me and a few star struck mates in our mid teens
Wonderful man and wonderful day
Hoddle, I've hard way too many people saying that he was "a very good player". That's like saying Richard Feynman was a decent scientist.
I can see why you've received "funnies" for this, but there's no doubt he was disrespected OUTSIDE of Spurs.

Should of got 100 + caps for England.


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Apart from John Pratt and Mark Falco already mentioned, think Ian Moores, John Lacy and Mitchell Thomas got a bit of a rough ride. Out of the current crop, so many get over-the-top criticism, in fact I can't think of one that is immune - even H gets it from some quarters.

Mitch & Samways got a rough ride (from my earliest memories of the terraces)....

Can't help thinking peeps were a lot more supportive in general back in the day though.

Consider the current crop; it's insane...

PEH (already!!!!)
Llorente (see below)

....All get as much stick as they do praise and aside from PEH they all helped us get to a CL final last year, FFS!
As the title says above, what is the most disrespected player we have had? As in players that were actually good just got talked about like they are shit

Clint Dempsey; People label this transfer a waste, forgetting that he was our second top scorer in the league with 7 goals in 29 games, we lost Bale the end of the season but him also leaving was a bad move for us in my opinion

What are your most disrespected players?
Dempsey was wank and responsible for some insufferable people turning up to this forum (not American fans in general but Dempsey had a fair few Team America types who followed him)


Samways, Anderton and Mickey Hazard were MUCH better players than they were given credit for but Kane gets nowhere near the respect he deserves or he would get if he were at 'Pool barca or Bayern.

Anderton was top draw there was debate between who should be the England right winger Beckham or Anderton and Anderton was sometimes favoured, his injury record however wasn’t great to say the least.
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