Most underrated player?

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But well this "underrated" thing kinda assumes some common understanding how rated or not rated players were. Which is extremely subjective.

Agree, so makes for a better discussion. Better than yet another 'Poch out' poll. Or any sort of poll. Aren't we bored of polls since the EU ref and with a general election every five minutes? Anyway...

Agree on Dawson. Not elite ability but great heart and desire. Really cared.


"Honka Espoo... We'll see you next year....."
He's played 168 games in his five full seasons (to end 18/19 season) at Spurs. Danny Rose who's been here 12yrs has played just 30 more games (to end of 18/19 season)!!

....Yet still most of the fanbase insist he's rubbish. :pochunimpressed:
Loads of negative threads on here nowadays, so here's an attempt at a positive one.

In our entire history, who is your choice for most underrated/under-appreciated player at the Lane?

For me (showing my age here) I would say Jermain Defoe:

a. Pretty handy goalscorer, and decent in his second spell too.
b. Love for the club - apparently in his time here had a list of Spurs top goal scorers on his bathroom mirror, which he updated in light of his own contributions. For me that shows it's not just about the money or glory, but an emotional connection to a particular club.
c. Off the pitch activity - pretty heroic.

I'd also mention Sigurdsson - pretty handy midfielder who we dispensed with a touch too quickly, IMHO.

Also, Aaron Lennon was more or less unplayable in wide areas on his day - just never quite developed elite finishing skills.
Defoe’s doing a great job up here for Rangers, love him!
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