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Fool what you want, your life or your jewels?
LOL just read back my post, and realised what the first seven words said.

Other than that fair point.
I can't believe you didn't notice?
i actually have a friend who (says he) is utterly 100% against anal. Thinks its disgusting.
Also for the record i was being sarcastic, Hansen is a twat, and i know I'm great.


Super Jan's Nan
i thought you'd have perhaps changed friend to boyfriend or something. Maybe added something about how it leaves me unsatisfied. Kinda expected more mate. Feel a bit let down.
Also why are you always up in the middle of the night these days?

Simple and effective.

I work nights mate, so these are my usual waking hours.
The major issue I have with MotD isn't necessarily the balance of highlights with punditry, but the fact that every single highlight they show they feel the need to replay it two or three times, usually from ridiculous angles that show nothing, then a close-up slo-mo of the player's reaction, then the same from the manager, then some crowd shots, then another highlight! Oh no wait back to replays... close up...

Less replays and arty-farty stuff, more actual football. Honestly they prefer multiple replays of a shot three yards wide of the post to a decent penalty appeal which never gets shown.

I counted in a game once - came to something like 7 highlights, 23 replays. That's just plain wrong.
Liverpool have asked for a VAR review.
Like watching this show most weeks.
Ridiculous pen decision in the United game.
The refs are doing it deliberately. They want VAR abolished.
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