Moussa Sissoko

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One of his best passing games I can remember. Did a double take on that one touch switch out wide to Rose.

You can always tell when he has too much time to think vs the times he just lets his footballing take over.
He has to play like that every game, two of the goals came directly from his quick vertical passes in situations where he normally freezes and passes sideways or backwards.

We have to be able to transition quickly from defence to attack and he has been one of the main culprits behind our sluggish play in recent months, he has to stop being afraid to play football. Nobody is asking him to be the new Dembele but when there is space to break the lines with a pass, he has to do it. It’s much more annoying watching him dither and go backwards than it is seeing him try to play neat, quick passes, even if he gets them wrong sometimes. The fans all know his limitations, as long as he is trying to play nobody will get too upset.
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