Moussa Sissoko

I can't see him going, at least not when Jose is here.

He is a very frustrating player in that he is so awful on the ball and yet he still is rated for some reason by Jose, some media and Levy seemingly because he is a leader in the locker room, a good guy and gets selected for France.

He is not strong defensively, can't dribble past anyone, terrible with passing or shooting, not a tremendous tackler and doesn't seem to have great positional awareness. His only attribute on the field seems to be he can run with the ball in a straight line if no opposition are in his way.

There also seems to be zero rumours of him leaving or teams having interest in him. You would think that with him being a French international tons of teams would be interested but I don't think I have ever read a rumour about him.

I also think that as long as we are keeping Ndombele he will be here to be a mentor to him.
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