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๐Ÿ˜ˆ Hide rating

We're trialling this feature
The settings will probably be adjusted based on the feedback we get once it's been running for a while... or removed completely and deemed a complete failure.

The new Hide rating gives you some more power to moderate the forum by hiding posts. It is only available to users who meet a certain criteria based on posts, reputation, time registered etc.

How it effects new users

For newly registered users, if their posts receive a number of this rating, they will effectively receive a Red Card and will not be able to post.
  • This should be useful for fans of other clubs who have only signed up to troll. You can catch them early and stop them posting anything else before one of us can get here to clean it up. It's still worth using the 'Foul' vote as well to bring it to our attention so we can ban them, if necessary.

How it effects existing users

If a post receives a minimum number of this rating AND the percentage of this 'Hide' rating vs. any positive ratings (Like, Agree, Funny) reaches a certain level, the post will be hidden.

Basically, if enough of you think a post should be hidden versus those of you who have given it a positive rating then the post will disappear.
  • The user who posted will not receive a Yellow/Red Card, this rating only effects the individual post.
  • The post will not be hidden for you just because you have used the 'Hide' rating, it must meet the criteria above and then it disappears for everyone.


  • The Hide rating is anonymous. You can only see your own Hide rating on a post and the user receiving the Hide rating will NOT get a notification that you have voted on their post.
  • The settings will be adjusted if we find users and/or posts are being punished unfairly.
  • Users who are obviously only using it to hide posts from people they have an issue with (rather than the post itself) will have their permissions to use this rating removed.
  • Forum moderators can override a hide rating. (It's unlikely we ever will. Sort of defeats the object! Until we feel the settings are at the right level we may need to un-hide posts though.)
  • The current Red/Yellow card system will continue to work as normal. You can submit a 'Foul' vote AND use the 'Hide' rating on a post, if you like.
You deny us an "Informative" rating, but introduce this silly bollocks Admin Admin ?

I get the self moderating thing, if people are abusive etc but this is censorship of opinion by mob and will just prevent meaningful debate.

There's loads of shit (the whole Sissoko thread for a start) which is full of utter bollocks, but I respect people's right to hold those stupid wrong opinions.

Piss poor idea mate. Piss poor.
but I respect people's right to hold those stupid wrong opinions.

I donโ€™t think anyone will use it. Itโ€™s all a bit vague. Itโ€™s just Case playing with his buttons because he can. It will probably die without a whimper. Whatโ€™s the point in hiding posts anyway? I love reading yours (as you know) but why should I be denied that pleasure because of some random forum function?
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The Fighting Cock
As the big yellow notice says, it's only a trial. I'm going to see what effect it has. All your feedback has been noted and most graciously received.


The Fighting Cock
Shout out to the people who used this to remove a spam post from the Spurs forum just now. I can finally put my feet up.


The Fighting Cock
One man's spam, another man's freedom fighter....

Still think we're on dangerous ground Admin Admin ....
I've set this up with the hope that it removes posts that don't really belong on the forum or add absolutely nothing to a discussion. Be that spam or off-topic arguing.

Like the red/yellow cards, it's never going to be perfect. The idea is to make the place ever-so-slightly better though. I've not set this up with the intention of stifling people's views, especially those around Spurs, no matter how heated it gets! Allowing that sort of discussion seems to be what separates us from other forums - sometimes people need to vent. I think we can do without pages of name-calling within certain areas of the forum though. We have a toilet thread where everyone can virtually beat each other up all day and no one else needs to read it. When that sort of content spills out of there though, it becomes an issue.

I can see what posts have been deleted and (during the trail, at least) if I don't believe they should then I can reinstate them and adjust the settings.
Admin Admin
Do we get a notification if one of our posts gets "hidden"
Currently, no. It's possibly something I add in future but it could just encourage people to go back and make the same post again.


The Fighting Cock
I dont get it. I am new to all this stuff. I have read some of the rows in the toilet thread. Way scary.

Get in.
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