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Obviously I understand your concerns but I've set this up with the hope that it removes posts that don't really belong on the forum or add absolutely nothing to a discussion. Be that spam or off-topic arguing.

Like the red/yellow cards, it's never going to be perfect. The idea is to make the place ever-so-slightly better though. I've not set this up with the intention of stifling people's views, especially those around Spurs, no matter how heated it gets! Allowing that sort of discussion seems to be what separates us from other forums - sometimes people need to vent. I think we can do without pages of name-calling within certain areas of the forum though. We have a toilet thread where everyone can virtually beat each other up all day and no one else needs to read it. When that sort of content spills out of there though, it becomes an issue.

I can see what posts have been deleted and (during the trail, at least) if I don't believe they should then I can reinstate them and adjust the settings.

Currently, no. It's possibly something I add in future but it could just encourage people to go back and make the same post again.

If people have quoted the post that gets hidden, what happens to those posts ?

Or does quoting it immediately render it un-hideable?
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