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🇬🇧 COYS 🇮🇱
If he is going to spend it on making the team better I can be ok with it.

just about :pochsulk:
Long deal at a good price at the moment. In 8 years it may be cheap but this is presumably about getting some of the money up front fir the stadium.
Agree. Apparently it is similar to the deals of Arse, Cheski and the Dippers, but i imagine the guaranteed income over such a long period was a defining factor given the stadium cost.
It's been a productive partnership for both parties really. The red will never be ideal but it's a good brand to be associated with I think. Just look at pretty much every other team outside the top 6 and it's various gambling companies paying at most 5 million a year.
Cant see there not being break clauses / bonuses etc. in the deals.

I doubt we haven't learned from the nomads with this and get stuck with a below market long term deal.

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
Assume Levy is no mug but 40m for10 years is not good.

Better have some inflation busting growth in there.

40m a year in 2027 will be feck all.
It's a fucking incredible deal! Outside of "our" Spurs bubble we have millions and millions less "fans" than Chavs, Woolwich and Liverpool, our reach is nowhere near theirs but here we are matching the revenue they get from their Shirt Sponsors!! Seriously this will cause Liverpool, Chavs and Woolwich to twitch and has now made their deals look outdated given their commercial reach (brand recognition) is substantially bigger than ours.

Because it's a multi-year deal, it doesn't mean it will not be re-evaluated thought this period. The last deal we singed with AIA still had 2 or 3yrs still to run, ergo it didn't run the contract length, same can apply to this deal.
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Looks like we have just signed a new 8 year deal with AIA. Guess we'll have the bloody red logo for the foreseeable! What do people think?

£320 Million? That's the stadium over spend sorted.And then what with the houses we are selling...

Gareth Bales wages anyone?
The longer deal may also mean more money up front, which in turn means less interest to pay on stadium debt, counteracting the potential inflationary effect on the value. But let's be real - this is all simplified compared to the actual details and economics, few of us know enough about economics and none of us know the details. What we do know is that this deal at face value is broadly comparable to Woolwich, City, Chelsea and Liverpool, and that it's been negotiated by somebody who hasn't let us down so far on the business and commercial front. That's good enough for me!
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