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I stopped buying the home/away kits. Instead I just buy a few of the regular Spurs T-shirts that I can wear with jeans in my everyday life. I seem to be getting more use out of those than a kit shirt that I only wear on matchday and smells horrid by the end if the day.
The kits look good on the players, thats all that really matters. I have no issues with the green.We had an epic night to remember wearing green so Ill consider it Spurs colours from now on.
From the pictures, the Stadium and Elite kits look more similar than ever. There was usually a pretty noticeable difference.

Anyone got any better pics of the 2 together?
I got last seasons kits from this guy and they were decent. Also bought the Madrid green top too

The new first strip looks like those £5 ones you get from JD Sports bins near the front door but at least it looks good on the players.

Hugo obviously looks sexy af, but he could pull off Derelique's winter catalogue.

I do like that subtle pattern on Gio's shoulders. If they had that in navy.
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