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Where's the Kaboom?
Those "fake" kits will have been made in the exact same factory as the real ones, but in an off-the-books shift they don't tell Nike about. Why ever buy in a shop ever again?!
thats actually the key thing. im betting that only if the sales of unoffical versions ever significantly exceed the sales of the official ones would companies like Nike look at their pricing policies, cos they must be making 50-60 quid gross on a shirt ( minus the retaillers cut, and the club will take the same cut as any other retailler). at the moment they can swallow the losses on a few thousand fakes.

they can try to close down the ones that are clear fakes, but the ones made at their factories they cant do much about.


Where's the Kaboom?
I bought official stadium versions of both the away and 3rd kits, Levy has that effect not just on other club chairmen :levystare:
i wait for the end of season sales. last season away and third kir for 20 quid each. and i want to see if i can get the sponsors name off the third, then i reckon ill get away with it on the golf course (though I wont chance it at the first tee, wait until the second)


Just bumping because there is currently a 20% discount at Lovell Soccer. Code is FALL20. They are an official store with a lot of the current Spurs kit.
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