New Manager?

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I vote for the Ledley Guest XI to take over as a management ensemble.

Well whoever put together the whole thing last night from the half time fun to the tributes deserves a lot of credit, really good job whoever did that

For new manager - just see the frank de boer thread..... Pleaaaaaassee Daniel get this one right!!!
I am cheap. Got a lot of commitments, but if you want me, nothing that can't be sorted.

honestly we all have at some time thought we could manage tottenham but what would you do with this current squad. Not easy
hoping for benitez personallly. Wouldn't be too dissapointed by de boer either though

We're big enough to nick Martinez away from Everton. Yeah, he's loyal but he isn't stupid - can he do better next year at Everton? People always think managers of small clubs (Wigan) aren't that good but look what he's done with more resources at Everton. Think what he could do with our resources.
I also like the idea of De Boer but it's more of a gamble because of zero Prem experience.
I figure, whoever it is, it can't be worse than this season. Worst season ever.


I genuinely don't care who it is. I just want the majority of fans to get behind a guy completely for the first time in years.
I don't know who is the outstanding candidate from the available names so I will say good luck to whoever gets the job. They are going to need it.
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