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By the time the game finished it was dark , upon leaving the stadium we was horrified to find lots of young youths brandishing knifes and wearing hoodies..... one of these vile thugs shouted at us “oi man dem get out our endz” !

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John Thomas

Anchor Tenants
I am Spur fan travelling to London from Greece, but can't find ticket via online system for next match on 12th May with Everton.
Do tickets have name so they ban me if i will try to get in?
If no, has someone spare ticket to buy?
Thanks mates!
Hi Dam. Welcome to the forum.

I'm John Thomas. A highly respected and informed voice on here on all things stadium related.

Most tickets are downloaded to a membership card. Which you don't have.
As a non member your best bet would be to use one of the re-sale sits like this one
and you'll pay around double face value. You can print your ticket off instantly, and you're good to go mate.

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