New Stadium

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I've not yet worked out the purpose of the scanners at the bottom of the stairs. I guess it's just to stop there being queues/issues at the actual turnstiles? Pretty sure you could just slip past the pre check unnoticed at busy points.
I think they just use them to check that people are headed for the right part of the stadium. For example, if you're walking from the SE corner and your seat is in the East stand, it'd be much quicker if they let you go up the steps by the South stand, through the security checkpoint there and then just walk round the edge of the actual stadium to the right turnstile. But if they let everyone do that then certain entry points would get too busy and others would be under-used, so they have to make sure everyone goes through their designated security point.
never knew there was a £5 pint and pie offer, always end up with neck oil and a sausage roll which is nearly £10.

The security is a joke, queued up at the bottom of the stairs with a bag to check only for them to say I was in the wrong queue. It was hot and was with kids, I pointed out it went to the same entry point, said it was ridiculous and just walked through. When I got to the scanner I was a bit stressed and just walked through with a big bag on my back... nobody checked or even mentioned it.


🇬🇧 COYS 🇮🇱

It is a massive sell-out.

Tickets sold out in 45 mins.

Huge success.
All the posts I've seen from people on twitter that have gone are all positive, some that had gone to Wembley to watch the NFL before are saying they hope all games get moved to our place
Loads were making their way up from seven sisters at 1.30pm.
All wearing different NFL team shirts(and not just the two teams who are playing), strange people.
Anyway, my team's surprisingly winning easy at half-time.
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